February 21, 2024
1:45 pm–2:10 pm

How do we grow in our industry and career without losing sight of what drives us? Sometimes the day-to-day can feel like we our quite literally spinning our wheels. The rat race of events, networking, striving for promotions, and personal/professional development can be quite frankly exhausting, relentless, and sometimes unfulfilling. We set out to be the best versions of ourselves only to find we are lost on the journey. How can we make certain what we do each day services a real purpose while still keeping it all together? 

In this talk, we’ll explore:

  • How we often find ourselves lost in the shuffle – what causes the burnout?
  • Ways to develop during our journey to reach our full potential
  • What fills your cup and how do we hold onto that?
  • And of course…what it means to not lose your Dinosaur!