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TrendLens: Interactive Data

Interactive automotive aftermarket industry insights at your fingertips

Use TrendLens™ data platform, exclusively available to you as an Auto Care member, to understand how market influencing factors are affecting the industry and your business.

Including Arity Vehicle Miles Traveled data published just days following the end of the month or week prior.

What's Included

Exclusively for our members, TrendLens™ brings the latest economic and industry data together to help inform your business decisions with current, curated and interactive data. Critical to illuminate a COVID-impacted economic landscape, the TrendLens™ team put the project into hyperdrive this year and has continually improved the TrendLens™ flagship dataset – the Demand Index.

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Economic and Industry Indicators

  1. Aftermarket Employment (000s)
  2. Auto Care/NU Business Confidence Index
  3. Auto Care/NU Economic Confidence Index
  4. Auto Parts, Accs. & Tire Stores Sales ($M)
  5. New! Automotive Maintenance & Repair Employment (000s)
  6. New! Avg. Hourly Wages - Automotive Maintenance & Repair
  7. Avg. Hourly Wages - Parts Mfg. Employees
  8. Avg. Hourly Wages - Parts Store Employees
  9. Avg. Hourly Wages - Tire Dealer Employees
  10. Avg. Temp. Deviation (1901-2000 Avg. = 0) [Regional]
  11. Avg. Temperature [Regional]
  12. Capacity Utilization – Vehicles & Parts (%)
  13. Construction Spending ($ Millions)
  14. Consumer Confidence (1985 = 100)
  15. New! Consumer Loans - Credit Cards & Revolving Plans ($B)
  1. Diesel Fuel ($ per Gallon)
  2. Diesel Fuel (1982 = 100) [Regional]
  3. Diesel Fuel Prime Supplier Sales (000s Gallons) [Regional]
  4. Disposable Income ($B)
  5. Durable Goods - Orders ($M)
  6. Durable Goods - Shipments ($M)
  7. Exch. Rates - Broad Composite (2006 = 100)
  8. Gasoline ($ per Gallon)
  9. Gasoline (1982 = 100) [Regional]
  10. Gasoline Prime Supplier Sales (000s Gallons) [Regional]
  11. HD Truck Sales (000s of Units)
  12. Housing Starts (000s Units) [Regional]
  13. Industrial Production - Motor Vehicles & Parts (2017 = 100) - Units
  14. Inflation Rate
  15. Interest Rates - Prime Rate
  16. Light Truck Sales (000s Units)
  17. Metals & Metal Products (1982 = 100) - Producer Prices
  18. Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (1982-84=100) - Consumer Price
  1. Motor Vehicle Parts & Equipment (1982-84=100) - Consumer Price
  2. Motor Vehicle Parts (1982 = 100) - Producer Prices
  3. New Car Dealers Sales ($M)
  4. New Vehicles (1982-84=100) - Consumer Price [Regional]
  5. Passenger Car Sales (000s Units)
  6. Purchasing Managers Index
  7. Tires & Repair Materials (1982 = 100) - Producer Prices
  8. Total Light Vehicle Sales (000s Units)
  9. Truck Tonnage (2015 = 100)
  10. Unemployment Rate [Regional]
  11. Used Car Dealers Sales ($M)
  12. Used Vehicles (1982-84=100) - Consumer Price [Regional]
  13. VMT (Miles Driven) – U.S. DOT (Millions) [Regional]
  14. VMT (Miles Driven) – Arity (Millions) [Regional]


Expertly Curated

Only the data you need and nothing more

expertly curated

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Engage with the data to identify which datasets are most important to you


Comparing Economic and Industry Indicators: A lot of the power of data comes from the ability to compare and contrast datasets with one another. Looking at one dataset can give you a 2D look; looking at a dataset in relation to others gives you a 3D view. That's why the TrendLens™ team has made sure that all your TrendLens™ data can be cross-examined. You can use TrendLens™ Economic and Industry Indicators section like an insight sandbox to compare any dataset available to you.


How Can I Use TrendLens™?

Product & Category Professionals

With TrendLens™, know what external market factors may be impacting your product groups. Tools like Economic Indicators and Collision Repair Trends make it easier to get a clearer picture of the economic business world surrounding your product. TrendLens'™ Demand Index even lets you see how your products are performing versus the market nationally AND regionally.

Marketing Professionals

TrendLens™ helps you understand the impact your marketing strategies are having on your products. Weed out factors that are impacting the industry as a whole, so you can confidently see the influence your marketing work is having. TrendLens'™  Demand Index even lets you see how your marketing efforts are impacting your product performance versus the market nationally AND regionally.

Senior Leadership

The world around your business is always changing. TrendLens™ can help you prepare for shifts in the industry with datasets like Economic Indicators and reports like Collision Repair Trends. TrendLens'™ Demand Index lets you see how your products are performing versus the market nationally AND regionally. When you're planning next year's overall business strategy, turn to TrendLens™ for industry insights.

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TrendLens users can sign up to attend a live "office hours" session with Mike Chung, Director, Market Intelligence.

Explore the data, views and reports available and come with the questions surfacing in your organization and discuss the data you are looking at in a small group setting.

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What users are saying

Robert Pietrowsky

I've been using this data to explain the recent surge in DIY channel share. Your system makes it easy to plot and compare metrics.

Robert Pietrowsky,
Director, Category Management, DRIV
Tom Tecklenburg

TrendLens has brought immediate value to Dayco by providing the real time data I need and the addition of a dollar index gives us another category view.

Tom Tecklenburg,
VP, North America Aftermarket, Dayco

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Economic and Industry data sets and views

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