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A candid podcast for a curious industry

Welcome to the Auto Care Association’s NEW podcast: Auto Care ON AIR. This podcast is made up of casual interviews that give interesting perspectives, provide relevant information and pique the curiosity of our members and wider audience.

Auto Care ON AIR is made up of 4 shows, each led by 4 unique hosts that provide 4 different themes to our listeners

 The Driver’s Seat:

Navigating Business, and the Journey of Leadership

To understand organizations, you need to understand their operators.

Join Behzad Rassuli, as he sits down for in-depth, one-on-one conversations with leaders that are shaping the future. This show is a "must listen" for how top executives navigate growth, success, and setbacks that come with the terrain of business.

 Meet the Host
Behzad preferred

Behzad Rassuli, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development.

With an expert eye on communications, research and product development, Behzad has been a cornerstone in driving the Auto Care Association towards a data-centric and technologically innovative future. His expertise excels in leveraging digital transformation to boost business performance across the board.

With a passion for continuous evolution, Behzad ensures that we scrutinize convention and explore our limits to what is possible. Tune in as Behzad brings his curiosity, candor and insights to “The Driver’s Seat”!


Debating Data that Drives Business

This show challenges conventional wisdom with new perspectives on the global economy, industry data, and future forecasts. Host Mike Chung, engages with thought leaders who debate and shape the metrics that matter.

 Meet the Host
Mike Chung

Mike Chung, Senior Director of Market Intelligence

Mike expertly delivers invaluable data, insights, and trends to our members, empowering businesses throughout the automotive supply chain to make informed decisions. With a robust background spanning over 15 years in market research, he navigates the intricate world of data as it relates to the auto care industry.

His deep understanding of technical and environmental aspects, combined with his business acumen, not only makes him an unparalleled voice in the industry but also perfectly positioned to ask the right questions to his expert guests on the show.

Whether you're an industry professional or an enthusiast, tune in to "Indicators" with Mike Chung for a deeper understanding of the automotive world, directly from a leading expert.

 Carpool Conversations:

Collaborative Reflections on the Road to Success

Hosted by Jacki Lutz, this series invites a vibrant mix of guests to debate and discuss the power skills that define success today. Each episode is a multi-voice view of a professional development topic.

 Meet the Host
Jacki Lutz 2024

Jacki Lutz, Content Director

Jacki has over a decade of experience in the auto care industry and currently orchestrates a dynamic content strategy across all media platforms, enhancing brand presence and forging strong connections with industry members.

With fifteen years of expertise in communications and storytelling, Jacki brings insightful discussions and debates with strategically diverse groupings of collaborators in "Carpool Conversations".

 TorquEd and TunEd:

Refining Industry Know-How

Stacey Miller hosts this insightful show focused on tightening your business acumen with the latest industry news, trends and tools. Each episode highlights crucial industry topics, offering essential information and strategies to keep you well-informed and ahead of the curve.

 Meet the Host
Stacy Miller

Stacey Miller, Vice President of Communications

Stacey is an insightful podcast host with over 15 years of expertise in corporate communications. Currently leading multi-channel marketing and communications at the Auto Care Association, Stacey champions the right to repair movement and actively advocates for the automotive aftermarket industry. Stacey’s passion for the industry is infectious and lends her world of knowledge to “TorquEd and TunEd” to ensure everyone in the auto care industry can master it.

Join Stacey as she delves into the nuances of all things auto care, shaping conversations around the latest industry news, knowledge, trends and tools.

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