Trailblazer Award

About the Award

The ACPN Content Excellence Trailblazer Award recognizes annually a single individual who leads, innovates, and provides remarkable contributions to the ACPN and content management communities, content management and supporting technologies, and the auto care industry. This award is presented and managed by the Automotive Content Professionals (ACPN) Leadership Council and the Technology Standards Committee (TSC).

Nomination Eligibility

  • Employed by an Auto Care Association Member Company
  • ACPN Member

Nomination Criteria

If the nominee meets the eligibility requirements, they will then be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Trailblazing – The nominee displays trailblazing work that pushes boundaries to innovate and advance content management and supporting technologies in the auto care industry.
  • Leadership and Collaboration – The nominee leads and inspires content professionals within their company and across the industry, promotes industry collaboration, and fosters a culture of unity within our community and industry.
  • Mentorship and Inspiration – The nominee serves as a mentor to industry content professionals and inspires them to push the boundaries to continue to advance content management and supporting technologies.
  • Volunteerism and Engagement – The nominee continually volunteers their time and gives back to the ACPN Community and auto care industry. This could be through, but not limited to, sitting on the ACPN Leadership Council and/or Technology Standards Committee (TSC), participating in Auto Care Technology Standards workgroups, attending Auto Care Association events such as Leadership Days and Auto Care Connect Week, presenting on a topic as a subject matter expert, etc…

The winner will be notified in April 2024, and then announced to the ACPN Community at the annual Auto Care Connect conference in May 2024, as well as across multiple social channels, including the ACPN Website, member newsletters, social media, Auto Care Insider magazine and press releases.

Once you’re a recipient, you’re a recipient for the lifetime of your career. Professionals may be nominated multiple times, but the award can only be garnered once during their career.

For questions about this specific award, please contact ACPN Liaison: 
Tom Schiavo


past winners

Each award-winning company is eligible to use the ACPN Content Excellence logo on company literature, mobile apps and websites. Contact for image files.

2024 Winner
Doreen Slayter, ACP