Career tools and resources

Continuing Education

You have many avenues to take if you want to further your education in the auto care industry. Check out the options below to see what is available to you.

Auto Care Association programs and resources

The Auto Care Association’s education resources include networking and conference eventsmarket research reports and analysespublications, websites, scholarships and a partnership with the University of the Aftermarket- all with the goal of providing continuous professional development opportunities. These resources promote business excellence by increasing productivity, facilitating better decision-making, heightening company loyalty and enabling employees to enrich their lives and contribute toward business success. The Auto Care Association understands the value of education, training and professional development as a benefit of membership.

Auto care industry program

The University of the Aftermarket offers general auto care continuing education with courses in management, business, leadership education and development needs, tailored specifically to the auto care industry. Learn more about the program.

Automotive technology

There are automotive technology schools located all over North America, and many universities and community colleges have automotive technology programs as well. Check out your area of interest for an automotive technology school or program.

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) accredits automotive technician training programs nationwide to ensure that students get the best quality of training and development possible. Learn more about NATEF-accredited schools.

General college degrees

The auto care industry is seeking individuals who have degrees in business, business administration, marketing, communications, engineering, finance, government, politics and more. If you are currently considering one of these careers, are currently enrolled or specializing in one of these fields or have recently graduated with one of these degrees, check out the auto care industry for available positions.