Photo of Carolyn Coquillette
Carolyn Coquillette
Founder & CEO, Shop-Ware
Photo of Denise Leleux
Denise Leleux
CEO, Curbee
Photo of Erin Stafford
Erin Stafford
Keynote Speaker, Author, & Hyper-Growth Business Leader
Image of Jacki Lutz
Jacki Lutz
Global Head of Communications, Training and E-Commerce, Aftermarket, Sensata Technologies
Photo of Kathleen Jarosik Callahan
Kathleen Callahan
Owner, Xpertech Auto Repair
Photo of Kathleen Long
Kathleen Long
Chief Revenue Officer, RepairPal
Katlyn French
Katlyn French
Automotive Repair Expert, RepairPal
Photo of Kim Nolan
Kim Nolan
Senior Vice President of Sales, Traditional Market, BBB Industries
Photo of Lisa Coyle
Lisa Coyle
Co-CEO, 360 Payment Solutions, Inc.
Photo of Megan Dineff
Megan Dineff
Manager, Ervine's Auto Repair and Grand Rapids Hybrid and EV
Photo of Meshell Baker
Meshell Baker
Chief Confidence Igniter &, Keynote Speaker
Photo of Sherron Washington
Sherron Washington, M.A.
Founder & CEO, P3 Solution
Photo_Stacey Miller
Stacey Miller, AAP
Vice President, Communications, Auto Care Association
Photo of Susan Starnes
Susan Starnes
VP Emerging Markets, NAPA Auto Parts
tanya hunt
Tanya Hunt
Commercial Project Manager, BBB Industries LLC
Photo of Valentina Videva Dufresne
Valentina Videva-Dufresne
Vice President & General Manager, North America Automotive and the Global Aftermarket Business, Sensata Technologies