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The Import Vehicle Community Hall of Fame award is intended to honor outstanding individuals in the import automotive industry whose creativity, dignity, integrity, industriousness and accomplishments have enhanced the stature of, and significantly contributed to, the import industry segment and its overall growth and progress.


The candidate’s contributions are in accordance with the “purpose” above and must reach beyond the local level.
The candidate is and/or has been involved in the industry and/or the Import Vehicle Community for at least 10 years.
The candidate must have made significant contributions toward enhancing technology, professionalism, dignity and/or the general stature and growth of the import parts industry sector.
The candidate has performed in industry affairs with integrity.
The candidate must be at least 40 years of age.
Self-nominations are not accepted.

2022 Hall of Fame Award Winner

Aaron Lowe

Senior Vice President, Regulatory & Government Affairs, Auto Care Association (retired)


2022 IVC Hall of Fame - Aaron Lowe - Photo

Aaron Lowe was with the Auto Care Association and previously with the Automotive Parts and Accessories Association (APAA) for 40 years. He currently oversees the Auto Care Association’s federal and state legislative and regulatory efforts, focusing on a wide range of environmental, vehicle safety, workplace-health and safety and international trade issues. He also served as liaison to the Upholstery and Trim International Segment of the Auto Care Association.

Lowe coordinated the Auto Care Association’s successful effort in 2012 to obtain enactment of the Motor Vehicle Right to Repair Act in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Right to repair ensures that independent service entities have effective and affordable access to the information, tools and software to work on today’s highly sophisticated computer controlled vehicle systems. He also was part of the team that successfully negotiated a 2013 national agreement on right to repair that is modeled after the Massachusetts law.

Lowe also spearheaded the Association’s successful initiative in Massachusetts to amend the 2012 right to repair law in order to ensure that vehicle owners could access and control their diagnostic and repair data that is transmitted from both on-board diagnostic port and wirelessly through telematic systems. Known as Question 1, the initiative was approved by voters in 2020 by an overwhelming 75-25 percent margin.

Lowe was the recipient of the Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket Management Education Award in 2003. He has been on the board of directors and steering committee for several aftermarket coalitions aimed at ensuring the economic future of the auto care industry.

Prior to the Auto Care Association, Lowe worked for an energy consulting firm specializing in renewable fuels legislation and regulation. Lowe has a bachelor’s of art degree in economics from George Washington University and recently moved with his wife to Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

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