The YANG Mentor Pin is an initiative to recognize individuals who are willing to interact with and mentor YANG members. Whether you are an industry veteran or you recently transitioned out of YANG, becoming a YANG Mentor is the best way to show your individual support for YANG.

Access: The YANG Mentor Pin grants access to otherwise YANG member-only events, including

  •   YANG AAPEX Happy Hour
  •   YANG coffee mixers
  •   YANG Regional Meet-Ups
  •   and more!


Promotion: The YANG Mentor Pin promotes the wearer as a willing mentor to YANG members.

Support: The YANG Mentor Pin, which requires a one-time donation of $100, helps support YANG – a nonprofit entity that relies on support from the industry to carry out its many programs.

Your donation

is a one-time cost of


100% of these funds go to support YANG initiatives.

Why Mentoring?

Recruit more experienced employees to help teach and guide them. Not only can a mentoring program boost our bench strength for top jobs but people who learn more on the job are far less likely to quit.

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