Art Fisher Award for Excellence in Education

Art Fisher Award for Excellence in Education

This annual award, presented in memory of former AWDA Chairman Art Fisher, recognizes a company or individual for their leadership and commitment to education and training, either within their own organization or throughout the industry. Winners will be drawn from traditional industry participants including jobbers, distributors, repair shops or manufacturers. Funds from the Art Fisher Scholarship program shall be presented in the name of the award winner(s) to two undergraduate students enrolled in the automotive aftermarket management program at Northwood University, Midland, MI. Award winners need not be AWDA members.


The Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA), a community of the Auto Care Association, presented the 2022 Excellence in Education Award, in Honor of Art Fisher, to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Established in 1972 as a non-profit organization, ASE is a driving force in the transportation industry. As an independent third party, ASE upholds and promotes high standards of service and repair through the assessment, certification, and credentialing of current and future industry professionals; and the prestigious ASE Blue Seal logo identifies professionals who possess the essential knowledge and skills to perform with excellence. Today, there are approximately 220,000 ASE Certified professionals at work in dealerships, independent shops, collision repair shops, auto parts stores, fleets, schools, and colleges throughout the country.

When the ASE seal is displayed outside of a service station, customers know their vehicle is in good hands and will be repaired with the best craftsmanship possible. And that seal of approval is only earned by completing training and passing the tests required to earn it – and these are not just simple tests. Only 2 out of 3 pass the test on their first attempt, and in the interest of continuing education, they must retest every 5 years, as well as have at least 2 years on-the-job experience.

“Our entire group endorses ASE, as their name is synonymous with training and education,” said Bo Fisher, Fisher Auto Parts. “For decades, in every technician flyer we produce, we have shown pictures of two different employees who recently passed their ASE certification test. Given the outstanding efforts of the organization, we are proud to see their achievement of this honor and wish them all the best over their next 50 years.”

Previous Award Recipients
  • 2021 John Passante
  • 2020 Bobby Bassett, retired National Training Manager, Gates Corp
  • 2019 The Group Training Academy
  • 2018 Standard Motor Products
  • 2017 NAPA/Genuine Parts
  • 2016 Cliff Hovis
  • 2015 Tim Sturdevant
  • 2014 David Wesselman
  • 2013 James A. Tennant, AAP
  • 2012 Pete Kornafel
  • 2011 Steve Hoellein
  • 2010 John N. Castle
  • 2009 Federal-Mogul Corp. Technical Education Center
  • 2008 David Caracci
  • 2007 Fred Bunting
  • 2006 KYB America
  • 2005 Larry Sills
  • 2004 Richard Beirne and Ron Levene
  • 2003 MEMA
  • 2002 Art Fisher
  • 2001 Ted Wise, AAP
  • 2000 Chuck Udell, AAP
  • 1999 Marc Gelfand, AAP
  • 1998 Raymond Walker, AAP
  • 1997 Louis A. Zuanich, AAP
  • 1996 Tim Lee, AAP
  • 1995 Annie Kornafel, AAP
  • 1994 Bill Kuykendall, MAAP
  • 1993 Gary Kremer, AAP
  • 1993 Clay Buzzard, AAP
  • 1992 Aaron Berkowitz
  • 1991 N. Arthur Epstein, AAP*
  • 1990 Kenneth D. Walker, AAP
  • 1989 Robert H. Raff, MAAP
  • 1988 Jay L. Love
  • 1987 Raymond P. Peck
  • 1986 Larry Anton
  • 1985 Donald E. Edelmann
  • 1984 C. Hamilton Sloan
  • 1983 James L. Fine
  • 1982 Frederic S. Kotcher
  • 1981 Peter R. Kornafel, MAAP
  • 1980 Robert L. Sirotek, AAP
  • 1979 Emil G. Stanley*
  • 1978 Richard B. Black
  • 1977 O. Temple Sloan
  • 1976 Charles N. Gaskill, AAP*
  • 1975 Mort Schwartz, AAP
  • 1974 Dunbar Abston Jr.
  • 1973 Martin G. Brown
  • 1972 Sam Nakis
  • 1971 Herbert Lipton
  • 1970 R. Jack Alexander Jr.
  • 1969 S.G. Puryear
  • 1968 Frank Norfleet
  • 1967 Harry D. Rothman*
  • 1966 Ran P. Hall

The AWDA Memorial Scholarship Award was preceded by the Ernest A. Tapp Memorial Award. The recipients of this award are:

  • 1965 John M. Yantis
  • 1964 Bernard Bock
  • 1963 Paul Livoni
  • 1962 A.P. Walter
  • 1961 Jack F. Whitaker
  • 1960 Thomas S. Perry, AAP