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Auto Care Connect


Join Auto Care for a month of engaging events to connect with our membership and the industry!

auto care connect is excited to present our membership and the industry with 10 different touchpoints throughout the month of may to offer varying briefing, educational, and networking opportunities.
reconnect with friends, enhance professional skills or check in on the latest trends and initiatives from the association and the industry.

MAY 2021

click on the event in the calendar or scroll to learn more about each event!

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Connect Landing page  man reps

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10 different touchpoints throughout the month of May!


Connect Landing page  Coffee Conversation

MAY 5 - 7

Connect Landing page SLD logo


Connect Landing page Executive Briefing


Connect Landing page  Rev Talk

MAY 11

Connect Landing page Trivia


MAY 12

Connect Landing page  man reps


MAY 13

Connect Landing page YANG conference


MAY 13

Connect webpage events_WIAC Mentoring


MAY 17 - 19

Connect Landing page  Knowledge Exchange


MAY 27

Connect webpage events_WIAC Bookish