Show your support for ACPN’s mission to educate, inspire and connect industry content professionals...

while at the same time expanding your company's reach in the ACPN Community!

Sponsorship dollars are directly used to support ACPN's mission to Educate, Inspire and Connect industry professionals who specialize in the management of product related content. This includes but is not limited to ACPN programs such as:

  • ACPN Pipeline On-Demand Media Content
  • Annual Knowledge Exchange Conference
  • Content Excellence Awards
  • ACP Designation
  • ACPN Scholarship


The ACPN community has over


400 active


From over


130 companies

across the world

and has over


1200 LinkedIn


Conference Sponsorships

Become a sponsor of the 2023 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference to promote your company's name and brand(s) in front of 400+ attendees to show your support for the ACPN community and the educational advancement of content professionals.

If you have a sponsorship idea in mind and want to work with us to develop and sponsor it, please contact!


Scholarship Sponsorship

Show your support for ACPN’s mission to educate, inspire and connect industry professionals by sponsoring the ACPN Scholarship! The ACPN Scholarship awards one (1) deserving individual with under 4 years of content management experience, who has the passion and determination to pursue professional and personal growth, the opportunity to attend the 2023 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference. (Limited to one company only)

(Sold for 2023. Opens for sale July 2023)

What's Included

Year-Round Recognition

  • Recognition on ACPN Scholarship Webpage between September 2022 and June 2023.
  • Recognition in Scholarship Emails (3000+ recipients), Press Releases, and LinkedIn (1200K+ Followers) Posts between September 2022 and January 2023.

Conference Recognition

  • Recognized as a conference sponsor at the annual ACPN Knowledge Exchange conference.
  • Introduce and present the scholarship winner with a plaque on-stage at the conference.
Sponsor Commitment
Must be present at the Annual ACPN Knowledge Exchange conference to introduce and present the scholarship winner with a plaque on-stage.

$3,000 USD

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