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Leveraging the PIES Interchange Segment
PIES Interchange Segment can help the manufacturer provide its part numbers connected to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part numbers and other aftermarket part numbers that are similar.
3 Key Things You Should Know about Connected Vehicle Data Trends and the Automotive Aftermarket
Think about the vehicle you owned a decade ago vs. the one you drive today – even if it is the same make – there are significant detailed differences. From the interior design to the shape of the headlights …
The Evolving Landscape of Women in Automotive and Manufacturing
How have women in the automotive aftermarket advanced throughout the years? Learn perspective from two executives at Stryten Energy.
Service to Service: Why Veteran Talent is Right for the Auto Care Industry
Sourcing, hiring and retaining a dedicated, well-trained workforce is tough, especially these days. The automotive aftermarket has a great story to tell – during the COVID pandemic, when other companies …
Continue Sharing the Impact of Section 301 Tariffs on Your Business: USTR Starts Next Phase of Four-Year Review
USTR announced that it is seeking comments as part of the next phase of the four-year (“necessity review”) process of the Section 301 tariffs on imports from China regarding the effectiveness in achieving …
2021 Woman of the Year: Jil Greene
It’s the love of the industry and dedication to gender diversity within it that drive enthusiastic leader and 2021 Woman of the Year award winner Jil Greene every day. Greene fell in love with the aftermarket …
Grassroots Advocacy in Action!
Grassroots advocacy is a key part of the Auto Care Association's legislative strategy and plays a critical role in educating members of Congress about the automotive aftermarket -- from the types of businesses …
2022 ACPN Content Excellence Award Winners
The Content Excellence Awards recognize best-in-class examples of data standards (ACES and PIES) use and compliance, as well as electronic cataloging and content in B2C and B2B platforms in the automotive …
VCdb Expands to Four New Latin America Countries
This month, we will highlight four new Latin American countries that we started offering vehicle data for in the VCdb. In the coming months as research is completed, new vehicles for these countries will …
TrendLens – New Features and Office Hours Highlights
Commentary on industry performance, recent office hours session with data platform users, and highlights of new data points in TrendLens.
Auto Care Association Expanding ACES and PIES Reach in Peru, Ecuador
During a time when the global aftermarket industry is facing unprecedented challenges, data becomes critical to stay current and succeed in the global marketplace. In North America, businesses in the automotive …
Meet a Staffer: Jonathan Larsen
Prior to joining the Auto Care Association, Larsen worked at MAHLE in Farmington Hills, Mich. as a catalog manager using the Auto Care Association’s ACES and PIES standards. Today, Larsen is the …