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Auto Care Factbook

The Auto Care Association has released its industry-leading online publications, the 2022 Auto Care Factbook and the 2022 Auto Care Factbook and Lang Annual. The 31st edition has expanded sections on e-commerce, EVs and medium/heavy duty. The Factbook also includes access to interactive, up-to-date economic and industry indicator data via our TrendLens™ platform. All employees of Auto Care Association member companies are supplied the Auto Care Factbook at no cost digitally as a benefit of their membership.


2022 Auto Care Factbook

In the 31st edition, readers will find: 

  • New e-commerce section including trends and sizing of this important aspect of the aftermarket including penetration and product category performance standouts;
  • Expanded data and insights on hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles including adoption rates, registrations, and state incentive data;
  • Expanded medium and heavy duty vehicle data including vehicle counts, proportions, registrations and demand by distribution channel and growing component subgroups;
  • Our most popular product replacement rate data section has doubled;
  • Highlights of the Mexican, Chilean and Vietnamese aftermarkets, including VIO and other pertinent stats; and
  • Guidelines on how to use TrendLens™ to interactively compare data series with our trend comparison tool. 

2022 Auto Care Factbook and Lang Annual


The only publication of its kind, this report includes the Auto Care Factbook plus the Lang Aftermarket Annual. This digital version includes data on light vehicle sales volume for 80 key aftermarket product categories, sales percentage growth, light vehicle product growth and much more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Auto Care Factbook?

The Auto Care Factbook is the #1 source for automotive aftermarket industry data, trends and insights. The Auto Care Factbook annually reports on the motor vehicle auto care industry among other key indicators. The report includes:

  • Economic Indicators
  • U.S. Motor Vehicle Auto Care Industry
  • Financial Benchmarks
  • Auto Care Industry
  • E-Commerce
  • Auto Care Industry Segments
  • Vehicle Registrations and Usage
  • State Summary Statistics
  • Global Auto Care Industry 
All of this data plus expanded sections on e-commerce, EVs and medium/heavy duty can be found in the 2022 Auto Care Factbook.
What is the Auto Care Factbook and Lang Annual?

The Lang Aftermarket Annual Report provides unprecedented in-depth analysis of all key aspects of the light vehicle aftermarket in the U.S. combined with the Auto Care Factbook. The report includes all areas covered in the Factbook plus:

  • 80 Products analyzed
  • Service and Do-It-Yourself markets
  • Distribution channels
  • Foreign and Domestic vehicle aftermarket
  • Vehicle age
  • Jobber population
  • Purchased Services
  • Mileage analysis
  • Vehicle population and mix
  • Accessory and Specialty Equipment volume
  • Plus many other key areas
You can view a more in-depth Table of Contents and purchase your copy on our Auto Care Digital Hub:
Where can I find part replacement rates, product sales data, industry trends and other crucial data?

The Auto Care Association’s award-winning digital Auto Care Factbook is the industry’s first choice for critical market data and trend information. 

The expanded version of the Auto Care Factbook is paired with the Lang Aftermarket Annual, which features a comprehensive analysis of light vehicle sales volume for 80 key auto care product categories, sales percentage growth, light vehicle product growth and much more.

You’ll get access to essential information on:

  • IHS Markit’s extended industry forecast through 2021
  • Updated Consumer Profiles for DIY-DIFM demographics
  • IMR Insights on millennial light maintenance DIYers
  • Reasons Why consumers choose DIY and DIFM outlets
  • DIY Propensity and shop averages
  • Hybrid Vehicles Summary and Vehicle Operating Costs

And more!

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Do members receive a complimentary copy of the latest Auto Care Factbook?

Yes, in early summer all employees Auto Care member companies at can access a free copy of the latest version of the Auto Care Association’s annual Auto Care Factbook—the auto care industry’s standard reference for tracking economic and industry indicators. 

The factbook has downloadable charts, tables and graphs that break down valuable information for you to boost your automotive business opportunities, as well as hyperlinks and bookmarks to automotive industry websites.