Being an ACPN exhibitor provides your company direct exposure to over 400 manufacturer, remanufacturer, distributor, program group, retailer and e-commerce content professionals across the automotive industry!

PRICE: $1,000*

*Available to Auto Care Association member companies only.

The 2021 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Virtual Conference Exhibitor Opportunity provides third-part software solution and content related service providers the opportunity to showcase their products and services and to connect with prospective clients during and after the virtual conference.

This opportunity consists of two features:

  • Exhibitor "Meet Now" Meetings (Optional)
  • Exhibitor Directory

Learn more below!

Exhibitor "Meet Now" Meetings

Exhibitor "Meet Now" meetings are an optional feature within the virtual conference platform available to all participating exhibitors, which allow exhibitors to hold one-on-one virtual meetings with conference attendees. This feature is made available only during the days of the conference, May 17-19, 2021.

  • Optional feature within virtual conference platform
  • Provides one-on-one virtual meetings with conference attendees to promote and sell products and services
  • Multiple representatives from an exhibiting company can run meetings at the same time
  • Direct messaging available
Exhibitor Opportunity_Meet Now_01
Exhibitor Opportunity_Meet Now_02

Exhibitor Directory

Showcase your company, products and services to hundreds of people! The exhibitor directory will be published in both the virtual conference platform and mobile app during the conference days and on the ACPN Knowledge Exchange website, providing year-long* company exposure to the industry and a resource for the industry to find the services they need. With more than 257K site visits per year, and conference attendance steadily increasing year over year, rest assured your company will be seen by all.

  • The only exhibitor directory geared toward content professionals in the automotive aftermarket.
  • One-stop resource for companies seeking software and data services in the automotive aftermarket.
  • Year-long* company exposure to manufacturers, remanufacturers, distributors, retailers, e-commerce and parts experts through ACPN Knowledge Exchange website and the virtual conference platform and mobile app during conference days.
  • 257k+ website visits per year (21K+ per month).
  • Promoted in the virtual conference platform and mobile app activity feed during the virtual conference days.
  • Promoted on the ACPN Community webpage for public access and in ACPN newsletters year round
  • Supports the ACPN Community

*All ACPN Exhibitor Directory webpage listings start on May 17, 2021 and will expire 30 days prior to the 2022 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference

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Virtual Conference Platform

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As seen on the...


Exhibitor Directory Example 1
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Maximize your ROI!

There are several ways to maximize your ROI as an exhibitor at the 2021 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Virtual Conference.


    Put your name in front of attendees by choosing a sponsorship opportunity that shows your support and encouragement of their development and networking at the conference. Custom opportunities are also available. Let us know what’s important to your company.


    Pre-Event Email Signatures

    Create and place a custom ACPN conference branded email signature to your pre-conference emails to inform your current and potential new clients that they can find you at this year’s ACPN Knowledge Exchange Virtual Conference. Click the link below to download the ACPN Knowledge Exchange Logo. All email signatures created must be approved by ACPN prior to use. Please contact


    Exhibitor Giveaways

    Promote your company by providing giveaways to attendees who interactive with you at the conference, whether its through the "Meet Now" interaction or direct messaging. Please let us know if you will be participating in this manner so we can further promote these giveaways during the conference by contacting

    purchase or contact us

    Step 1:


    Price: $1,000

    During check out, please select "purchase for organization"

    Important: You will then be presented with a "Annual Total Global Revenues" question. An answer is required but does NOT affect pricing or your organizations Auto Care Association membership.




    Step 2:

    Submit Materials

    Submit your directory listing materials to by May 7, 2021 the latest, using the downloadable template below.

    Submission Template



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