Become a 2022-2023 YANG Corporate Sponsor!

The Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) is a community within the Auto Care Association comprised of industry professionals under 40 years of age.  YANG is focused on developing the next generation of Aftermarket leaders, as well as, giving back to the Automotive Aftermarket community.  YANG is so much more than just a networking group for young people, as they are dedicated to the professional growth of their members and ensuring a strong Aftermarket for years to come.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mary Ieng.

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2022-2023 YANG Community Sponsorship Opportunities  Amount  Status  
Heavy Duty Level Sponsorship   USD $25,000   Available  Purchase
Extra Large Level Sponsorship   USD $15,000   Available  Purchase
Full-Size Level Sponsorship   USD $10,000   Available  Purchase
Mid-Size Level Sponsorship USD $5,000   Available  Purchase
Compact Level Sponsorship  


 USD $2,000   Available  Purchase
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