Who We Are

The Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN), a community of the Auto Care Association, is a professional network with 500+ individual members employed in the aftermarket industry. It is the only community devoted exclusively to the educational, professional development, and networking needs of the content professional.

What We Do

ACPN serves as the leader in content management and related activities; promotes industry data standards; and provides a forum for discussing and promoting best practices within the aftermarket industry, through in-person and virtual events. If you are a content professional in the aftermarket, no matter if you are in automotive, heavy duty, equipment, agriculture, and/or powersports, or just simply want to connect with great people, the ACPN community is the place for you.


Membership* Includes:

  • Exclusive LinkedIn Community Space
  • Newsletters
  • Access to Events
  • ACPN Pipeline - 365 Video Content
  • Awards
  • Scholarships
  • And More!

*To become an ACPN member, individuals must be employed by an Auto Care Association member company. ACPN Membership is a lifetime membership. Members can choose to end their membership at any time by contacting acpn@autocare.org.


To Educate, Inspire and Connect industry professionals who specialize in the management of automotive, heavy duty, equipment, agriculture, and/or powersports product related content.

Leadership Council

The ACPN leadership council is a council of volunteer ACPN community members who help plan and organize all ACPN programs, such as the ACPN community learning tracks at the annual Auto Care Connect conference, virtual events, awards, scholarships and more. Additionally, the ACPN Leadership Council help develop educational opportunities, and facilitate communication, best practices, and networking amongst the ACPN Community. Service as an ACPN leadership council member is a satisfying way to contribute to the overall direction and progress of the community, while making professional connections and developing leadership skills. This volunteer leadership also satisfies the “ACPN Service” requirement of the Automotive Content Professional (ACP) designation.

  • Courtney Pedler
    Autology Data Management Group
  • Ryan Bachman
    United Motor Products
    Vice Chair
  • Paul Arena
    AIT TrakMotive
  • Ryan Henderson
  • Brian Matthias
    DormanProducts, Inc.
  • Adam Phillips
    Highline Warren
  • Sam Russo
  • Chelsea Scally
    S&P Global
  • Joe Thomas
    CTR America
  • Thomas Schiavo
    Auto Care Association
    Staff Liaison