Who We Are

The Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN), a community of the Auto Care Association, is a professional network with 380+ individual members employed in the automotive industry. It is the only community devoted exclusively to the education and professional development needs of the automotive content management professional.

What We Do

ACPN serves as the leader in content management and related activities; promotes industry technology standards; and provides a forum for discussing and promoting best practices within the automotive industry all of which will culminate in their annual Knowledge Exchange conference.


ACPN provides networking, education and leadership opportunities for content management professionals in the automotive industry. By registering and attending the annual ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference, you instantly become a member of the ACPN professional network for the year in which you attend the conference. Other benefits include:

  • Content Excellence Awards
  • ACPN Scholarship Program
  • Automotive Content Professional (ACP) designation program.


To Educate, Inspire and Connect industry professionals who specialize in the management of automotive product related content.

Executive Committee

The ACPN Committee is a committee of volunteer ACPN members who help plan and organize the annual conference and facilitate communication, best practices, and networking among the ACPN professional network.

  • Eric Lough
    Paramount Data Management Inc.
  • Patti Corso
    Winhere Brake Parts Inc.
    Vice Chair
  • Jennifer Cothran
    BBB Industries
  • Ellen Cundiff
    Advance Auto Parts
  • Paul Gurns
    AP Emissions Technologies, LLC.
  • David Logan
    First Brands Group
  • Courtney Pedler
    Autology Data Management Group
  • Luke Smith
    Momentum USA, Inc.
  • Nicolas Vallieres
    JNPSoftware, Inc.
  • Tom Vierling
    ETE Reman
  • Thomas Schiavo
    Auto Care Association
    Staff Liaison

Now Accepting Committee Nominations!

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