Who We Are

The Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) is the home for the auto care industry’s dynamic and vibrant community of under-40 professionals.

What We Do

YANG provides its members with the opportunity to network with industry peers, develop new skill sets and improve leadership capabilities. YANG events include panel discussions with industry leaders, professional development sessions and networking events throughout the country. YANG awards a number of scholarships to rising stars in the industry as well.


Upon joining, YANG members immediately become part of a 1,500-strong network of young industry professionals around the world. Members are invited to attend and host events at trade shows, leadership conferences and Regional Meet-Ups throughout the country. Members receive recognition as well as opportunities for mentorship offered by seasoned industry leaders. For your organization, membership in YANG helps foster employee retention through networking, mentorship and exposure to the broader industry.

YANG Council Roster

  • Cotter Collins
    Standard Motor Products, Inc.
  • Grace Hovis
    Hovis Auto & Truck Supply, Inc.
    Vice Chair
  • Jacki Lutz
    Sensata Technologies
    Immediate Past Chairman
  • Michael Hellenberg
    Auto Wares Inc
  • Meagan Moody
    ZF Aftermarket
  • Kenneth Bridges
    VIP Tires and Service
  • Joseph DeLorme
    Dorman Products, Inc. (Dorman Products Inc)
  • Matt Fowler
    Solenium Group/ Visual Skus
  • Melissa Petrucelli
    AutoZone, Inc.
  • Mary Ieng
    Auto Care Association
    Staff Liaison