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Matchmaking Program at AAPEX

The Auto Care Association, in partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service, is excited to offer U.S. exhibitors and International Buyers a unique opportunity to connect during AAPEX 2023.

If you are a U.S. Exhibitor interested in entering or increasing your presence in the international market or an international buyer interested in connecting with US. Exhibitors, consider participating in the Auto Care Association’s International Matchmaking Program at AAPEX.

The Auto Care Association will match U.S. exhibitors to international buyers based on their products of interest, and will schedule one-on-one meetings Oct. 31 - Nov. 1, 2023 at the Venetian Expo.

Where: Casanova 503, The Venetian Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV.

When:  Tuesday, Oct. 31 – Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023


  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Once your application is evaluated and approved you will receive an email confirming your participation.
  3. Participants will receive a “Participant Profile Guide” upon closing registration to identify and select prospective partners.
  4. Agendas will be sent out the week before the show.
  5. Participants receive an invitation to attend “Auto Care Association´s Coffee and Espresso International Meet & Greet” on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023, an opportunity to network with international attendees and U.S. Exhibitors at the show.

There is no cost to participate. The deadline to register is September 18, 2023.

U.S. Exhibitors at AAPEX



International Buyers at AAPEX




For more information please contact Carolina Arregoces at

The International Matchmaking Program is part of the Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) award the association received from the U.S. Department of Commerce to help the automotive aftermarket industry increase its exports.

U.S. Commercial Service supports the goals of this event, but does not endorse the specific products, or views of the participating organizations.


“We are very appreciative of your support arranging the meetings for us during AAPEX. We returned to Guadalajara very satisfied with your professional coordination. Please continue your efforts to connect business partners in order to contribute to the development of the industry and economy in our countries.” 

Alma Rosa Aguilar from BKSCorp, S.A. DE C.V. (Buyer From Mexico)


“I was greatly surprised by the quality of the prospects I met during this event. For anyone who is trying to develop international business, this event is the source you need to start networking and promoting your company, products and services. I firmly believe that I have earned three new customers interested in partnering to promote our products locally. In my opinion, this is a highly recommended program. It helps you meet new customers and uncover new clients and business opportunities. I am looking forward to participating next year.” 

Jose L. Alonso, director of global sales, Murray Corporation


“Auto Care’s International Matchmaking program at AAPEX is a wonderful entry into several new markets if you are looking to grow your business internationally, it provides all that you need to have successful meetings right at your fingertips. The program sets up pointed and well-aligned meetings for your team to learn about new opportunities with potential partners worldwide. I have partnered with the program for two years now and look forward to the next. I highly recommend the experience and would tell you that you will get what you put into it and more.” 

Chris O’Reilly, director of global sales, Autopart International


“What a great opportunity and matchmaking event at AAPEX this year. I took a chance and it has paid off handsomely. The company options, the scheduling and the quality of buyers were on point.” 

Joseph De Santino, president, JDS Worldwide Corp


“We go to shows all over the country and the one thing that is lacking is the one-on-one B2B part. This did that. It’s a very helpful and worthwhile program, and we would like more of it.” 

Jason Shanks, vice president, sales and marketing, Superior Battery Manufacturing


“The matchmaking program was a remarkable opportunity to discover information about markets in which our company is currently not involved. The quiet, sit down, face-to-face setups provided a comfortable atmosphere conducive to developing new prospective partnerships.”

Ryan Smith, sales and marketing manager, Cloyes Gear and Products, Inc.


“Compared to show floor encounters, this program offered focused time, no distractions, and the advanced company self-selection ensured there was mutual interest.”

Camilo Zapata, sales manager for Latin America, Atlantic Pacific Automotive