ACPN Content Excellence Award

About the Award

This category is for catalog application lookup that is purely browser-based (websites) and does not require any special client-side app to be installed. Web-based catalogs are evaluated on criteria such as design, navigation, use of technology, innovation, interactivity, and quality of content. The content must be data-driven and dynamically presented to the client browser in HTML. Static PDF files are not considered web-based catalogs. Current versions of Chrome, FireFox and Edge will be used by the judges to assess the content. Requiring browser extensions or plugins is acceptable.


  • Company Type: Manufacturer/Remanufacturer
  • Company Membership: Auto Care Association member in good standing

Award Format



This award is judged by a panel of volunteer ACPN Content Professionals, following judging guidelines outlined below.

Each judge scores the submission independently from all the other judges. Each submission is judged on five general areas, with each general area evaluated on specific criteria, and scored using on a scale from 1 to 4. After each general area is reviewed a total score for each general area is arrived at by adding the individual scores of the criteria together, dividing it by the total possible points you could earn, then applying the weight of the general area to it. Then an overall final total score for the submission from the judge is determined by adding the total score for each general area together.

Once all judges have submitted their scores an average of all the judge's scores are taken, and the submission with the highest average score is considered to be the winner.

Submission Requirements

  1. Each parent company may ONLY submit one entry.
  2. At least one representative from the submitting company must be present during the ACPN conference program at the Auto Care Connect Conference to accept the award in the event that the company is selected as an award recipient. If there is no representative present, the company will be restricted from submitting for any awards the following year.
  3. Entries must be received in full by the deadline (Entry Form, Participant Acknowledgement Form)


For questions about this specific award, please contact ACPN Liaison: 
Tom Schiavo


Judging Guidelines

Each submission is judged on multiple general areas listed below with weighted percentages.

If the eligibility requirements listed above are met 100% for the award submission, the following judging guidelines are then utilized to judge the submission. 


Design (10%)
  • First Impression
  • Best Use of Screen Real Estate
  • Use of Color
  • Use of Graphics/Logos/Fonts
  • Consistency/Continuity
  • Ability to View Images/Digital Assets Where Available
  • Overall Aesthetic Impression/Professionalism
Navigation (10%)
  • Overall Ease of Use/Ability to Find What You Need
  • Speed/Load Time
  • Logical Organization/Layout
  • Reasonable Number of Clicks to Find Something
  • Frictionless
  • Site Map Provided/Help Features
  • Filtering and Sorting Capability
Catalog Content (50%)
  • Basic Navigation Functions - Search by Vehicle, Taxonomy, Part, Keyword
  • Part Number Search
  • Buyers Guide
  • Product Specifications/Attributes/Features & Benefits
  • Product Image Coverage
  • Ease of Cross Reference/Interchange Including OEM Lookup
  • Schematics/Installation Instructions/Tech Tips
Technology (10%)
  • Attractiveness of Mobile Experience
  • Speed/Load Times
  • Transitions Between Screens/Functions
  • Internal & External Links Targeted Correctly
  • Smart Recommendations (Cross selling based on repair occasion)
  • Part Alias Search
  • Lookup by Diagram/System
  • Search History/Vehicle History Reference
  • Overall Technical Impression/Professionalism
Tech Support (10%)
  • How to Order/Where to Buy Feature
  • Tech Support Phone Hotline
  • Tech Support Chat
  • Tech Support via Text Message
  • Tech Support Email
  • Ability to Provide Feedback/Ask Questions/Report Errors
Innovation (10%)
  • Originality/Interesting
  • Other Value Added Catalog Features/Functions (i.e. VIN Code Scan or License Plate Decoder)
  • Users Will Want to Return to Site for Parts Information
  • Lasting Impression

highlights from previous award ceremonies

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past winners

Each award-winning company is eligible to use the ACPN Content Excellence logo on company literature, mobile apps and websites. Contact for image files.

2024 Winners
  • Gold - Dorman Products
2023 Winners
  • Gold - Dorman Products
  • Silver - First Brands Group
  • Bronze - Mevotech
2022 Winners
  • Gold - Dorman Products
  • Silver - NTN Bearing Corporation
  • Bronze - Mevotech
2021 Winners
  • Gold - Brembo North America
  • Silver - Spectra Premium Industries, Inc.
  • Bronze - Premium Guard, Inc.
2020 Winners
  • Gold - Spectra Premium Industries, Inc.
  • Silver - Brembo North America
  • Bronze - Standard Motor Products
2019 Winners
  • Gold - Spectra Premium Industries, Inc.
  • Silver - Brake Parts, Inc.
  • Bronze - NTN Bearing Corporation
2018 Winners
  • Gold - K&N Engineering, Inc.
  • Silver - Mann+Hummel Filtration Technologies
  • Bronze - Tenneco, Inc.