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Applications for our next three-year term commencing January 1, 2025 will open in September 2024.

Our Vision

A brighter and greener auto care industry driving the pursuit of environmental sustainability throughout the entire product and service life cycle. For the benefit of every member and beyond.

The mission of the Auto Care Association’s Sustainability Committee is:


emphasize sustainability knowledge


influence environmentally driven legislation for long-term sustainability

Best Practices

share best practices across the automotive aftermarket


extend recycling initiatives and facilitate the establishment of recycling for maximum value

Our Story

The automotive aftermarket is an industry dedicated to keep your car on the street longer. Keeping your car maintained is an important contribution to support our environment as it reduces consumption and emissions. In short: Maintain is Sustain!

Since many years, the automotive aftermarket has already a strong focus on recycling and remanufacturing to ensure a reasonable handling with our resources and to reduce the impact on our environment. As an industry with over 4.5 million people employed, the Auto Care Association is committed to convince every single person to look even beyond current practices and to become more environmentally friendly. Because: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)

The Auto Care Association Sustainability Committee focuses on the environmental aspects of sustainability and aims to increase the awareness on the importance of sustainability and to support Auto Care members by encouraging industry best practices in a quest to find the balance of meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The automotive aftermarket is a big part of the solution!

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Auto Care Sustainability Toolkit

Sustainability Dictionary

Not familiar with sustainability terms and abbreviations? Become an expert and learn the most common expressions.


Scope 1,2,3

In order to take action to reduce emissions, we need to understand and measure where they’re sourced from in the first place.


Self Audit

A team of highly motivated industry volunteers is working on compiling a checklist for businesses to perform a self audit.

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Auto Care Impact

A team of highly motivated industry volunteers is currently finetuning this content.

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Programs & Certifications

  • Schneider Electric

    Specializes in energy management and consulting for sustainability.

  • EPA Smartway Program

    EPA’s SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency.

  • ISO 50001 Certification

    Designed to support organizations in all sectors, this ISO standard provides a practical way to improve energy use, through the development of an energy management system (EnMS).

  • Engery Star

    Major difference between Energy Star and ISO 50001 is that Energy Star certifies achievement of an actual level of energy performance, while ISO 50001 verifies an organization has specified systems requirements in place.

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We would like to establish a sustainability community to bring together like-minded people that are passionate about the ecological integrity of our industry’s activities.

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Committee Members

  • Ben Spitz
    Parts Authority
  • Stefan Feder
    Continental Corporation
    Vice Chair
  • Jason Morgan
    Babcox Media, Inc.
    Executive Committee
  • Malcolm Sissmore
    Executive Committee
  • Joseph Stephan
    NEXUS Automotive International SA
    Executive Committee
  • Mike Allen
    Federated Auto Parts Distributors, Inc.
  • Scott Cannon
    O'Reilly Auto Parts
  • Michael Cowan
    Honest1 Auto Care
  • Lee Forman
    Dynamic Automotive
  • Don Gebhardt
  • Lisa Gochenour
    Highline Warren
  • Troy Hitchcock
    AutoZone, Inc.
  • Michael Kitching
    GB Remanufacturing, Inc.
  • Theo Lamperis
    BBB Industries
  • Mike Leupold
    EnerSys Batteries
  • Thomas Pajer
    Bridgestone Corporation
  • Micah Thompson
    Advance Auto Parts
  • Thomas Beer
    SSF Imported Auto Parts LLC
  • Whitney Britt
    Schaeffler Group USA Inc.
  • Kris Goldman
    Alliance Parts Warehouse
  • Danielle Thomas-Pollard
    Auto Care Association
    Staff Liaison