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Demand Index

Know how your products perform against the market.

Demand Index, housed on the TrendLens platform, helps aftermarket companies know how their products are performing against the market with the only tool that provides hard part and other parts performance data from point of sales transactions.

Data Sourced from the top retail and commercial distribution businesses

Advanced Auto Parts

Key benefits of Demand Index market data

Now, you have access to dozens of product groups, from filters to wheel hub bearings at a more detailed level, giving better market data on the specific products you sell.

Improve Line Reviews

The best source of real-world data available by product line in our industry. Come to the table on the same page as your customer.

You vs. the Market

With two unique views of product sales, unit index and dollar index, demand index helps you know how your product categories are performing compared to the market​.

Dive Deeper with Regional Views

With 4 distinct regions, dissect trends beyond the national view.

Gauge Marketing Effectiveness

Demand index can show you which marketing strategies have helped you outperform the market​.

what subscribers are saying

Behzad preferred

Demand Index has given us visibility to overall monthly market trends for key product lines that were not being tracked by other market data companies.

Puneesh Malkani,
VP, Category Strategy and Analytics, First Brands Group
david wilbanks oreilly

Supplier participation in the Demand Index is crucial, and we want our suppliers to make full use of the Demand Index to help us manage relevant product lines in the future. This is the best source of real-world data available by product line in our industry, so there is no reason we shouldn't all be taking advantage of what is available here.

David Wilbanks,
Senior Vice President, Merchandise
O'Reilly Auto Parts


The Auto Care Demand Index provides us with directional insights and a look into the health of our part categories while allowing complete anonymity and confidentiality of all members.

Large Automotive Electrical Parts Manufacturer

The Auto Care Demand Index provides BOSCH with one-of-a-kind insight to our hard part product line market trends. This allows my team to make informed decisions which impact both our customer and our business.


Available Product Groups

with 9 Just released

AC Components

AC Compressors & Select Components

NEW ADAS Sensors​

NEW Air Springs​

Axles, CV

Batteries, Automotive

Batteries, Golf Cart

Batteries, HD/Commercial

Batteries, Lawn & Garden

Batteries, Marine

Batteries, Powersport

Belt Tensioners & Idler Pulleys


Blower Motors &  Resistors 

Brake Boosters & Master Cylinders

Brake Calipers

Brake Drums

Brake Friction

NEW Brakes, ABS​​

NEW Brakes, Hardware​​

NEW Brakes, Hydraulics ​​

Brake Pads

Brake Rotors

Brake Shoes

Brake Steel

Catalytic Converters & Mufflers

Charging System

Chassis Suspension

Clutch Kits & Components​

Control Arms


Engine & Transmission Mounts

Engine Management Sensors

Filters, Air

Filters, Cabin

Filters, Fuel

Filters, Oil

Filters, Transmission

Fluids, ATF

Fluids, Coolant & Antifreeze

Fluids, DEF

Fluids, Hydraulic

Fuel Injection

Fuel Pumps



Hoses & Belts

NEW Ignition Coils​

Ignition Components

Ignition, Conventional

Ignition, Electronic

Intake/Exhaust Manifolds

NEW Oxygen Sensors​​

Power Steering

Power Steering Hoses, Lines & Fittings


Radiator Fan Assemblies

Ride Control Suspension

Sensors, Emissions

Sensors, Miscellaneous

Sensors, Position


Spark Plugs

Starting Systems

Steering & Miscellaneous Chassis


Thermostats & Water Outlets

NEW Timing Chains​​

NEW TPMS Sensors​​

Turbo/Supercharger Kits & Components

Water Pumps

Wheel Bearings

Window Lift Motors & Assemblies

Wheel Bearings & Seals

Wheel Hub Bearings

Wheel Seals

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How Does It Work?

The Demand Index provides sales performance data for dozens of product groups based on unit-level and dollar-level point of sale transaction data from a comprehensive list of retail and commercial distribution businesses. With just a few clicks, view custom date ranges of data, overlay multiple categories, examine trends and export data to compare with your own business performance.

Take the first step to better performance tracking.

Demand Index Product

Everything in TrendLens ™ Member, plus:

Demand Index (Product Performance Data)

  •   2 Product Groups
  •   $4,000/group for additional Product Groups
  •   Unit Index and Dollar Index
  •   Regional Views
  •   My Data
  •   YTD Report
  •   Economic Industry Indicator Comparison
Demand Index Product Plus

Everything in Demand Index Product, plus:

Demand Index (Product Performance Data)

  •   4 total Product Groups
  •   $2,000/group for additional Product Groups