Young Automotive Network Group

Unpacking the Trends: A Panel Discussion with Industry Thought-Leaders

May 23, 2023
3:00 pm–3:40 pm

You heard about the top industry trends when we ‘flipped the script’ on the experts, but what do these trends mean for you and your organization? What other issues are at the forefront of business leaders ‘ minds as they address the challenges of today while planning for what’s to come tomorrow? 

In this engaging panel discussion, we’ll bring together diverse viewpoints and expertise from leading voices in the industry to share their insights on the pressing issues affecting the business landscape. The discussion will provide a valuable opportunity for young professionals to gain a deeper understanding of how these issues impact business decisions today and planning for tomorrow, as well as shed light on the ways in which these issues are interconnected across the supply chain. Additionally, hear how different communities and committees in the Auto Care Association are thinking about all this and the importance of industry participation.