Young Automotive Network Group

Career Conversations: What They Don’t Tell You About Management

May 23, 2023
3:50 pm–4:20 pm

Join us for a career conversation focused on the other side of that next step. Whether you are aiming to be in management, or just looking for a leadership position – there’s things you need to know. We’ve all attended sessions teaching us the steps to get to a management/leadership position, but during this session, we will share with you some insight from two market leaders who spill the beans about what it’s like being on the ‘other side’; ‘The Things They Don’t Tell You’. 

Conversation will include:

  • What it’s like to go from individual contributor to manager
  • The shift in thinking around letting go of what was once your position’s responsibility
  • Learning new business aspects (that you might have zero experience in!)
  • Managing across disciplines, including those who have more expertise than you