Young Automotive Network Group

A Systems Approach to Productivity: Employee-Based Management

May 24, 2023
1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Many companies spend at least half of their gross margin dollars on employee wages and benefits -- a huge investment.  Yet employees are rarely selected and managed as though they are a top priority for their managers’ time.  Likewise, managers are fond of saying “the customer always comes first,” yet these same managers often fail to provide employees with the training, feedback, and resources they need to service customers in a first-class way.  Employee-based management is a practical examination of practices which may be working against your organization rather than for it, and teaches the tools needed to hire and develop a highly motivated staff positioned for success.

This Seminar will Teach you How to:

• Use a “Systems” approach to managing your talent
• Hire Employees that Meet Your Company's Needs
• Develop Training Programs that Get Results
• Coach your Employees to High Performance for the Future