Women Techs Rock: Filling the Workforce Gap and Readying for the Revolution

November 3, 2021
Join fellow Women in Auto Care community members for this engaging panel discussion taking place from 12:30pm - 1:30pm on the AAPEX Stage. The session is open to everyone and free to attend!

Session Description:

The ongoing shortage of auto technicians remains one of the most critical challenges facing the automotive industry.  It is estimated that out of 16,000 dealerships they will require 76,000 new technicians by 2026 and the industry will be short more than 640,000 automotive, collision and diesel technicians by 2024.

Solving this problem is a massive undertaking and challenges the industry to address all the variables affecting the shortage.  Now add in the technology revolution that is changing the landscape of the automotive technician role and the puzzle becomes more complex.

This panel will address the puzzle pieces and suggest solutions, share ideas, and explore how Women Technicians can fill the workforce gap while gearing the industry up for the technology revolution.

Jill Trotta, RepairPal
Jacquie Hower, Zimmerman’s Automotive
Kim Auernheimer, CS Automotive

Dana Rapoport, TechForce Foundation