What is Integrated Shop Standard (iShop™)?

Auto Care Association’s iShop™ is for information providers, service shops, service equipment providers, and third party data enrichment services, among others. iShop™ is a set of computer interface standards that allow vehicle service equipment, management software, and inspection servers to communicate seamlessly in the service shop environment. iShop™ makes it easier for technicians to get information needed for each job, increasing efficiency of service shop jobs and tasks. Using iShop™, technicians are more productive as they can focus on the service task at hand rather than administrative task of aggregating data and information because the information is available at their fingertips. iShop™ provides a single, open, worldwide standard for the integration and interconnectivity of computer-based shop equipment utilizing standards-based XML Web service. iShop™ suite is made up of the Shop Management Server and the Inspection Server.