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The Auto Care Association is dedicated to keeping members, motorists and the media informed and current on the most important association and automotive news. From our frequent press releases to our award winning magazine, Auto Care Insider – the Auto Care Association’s communications team provides multiple media resources to clearly communicate the value we deliver to drivers, businesses and the economy.

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Transport Topics Auto Care Association Vice president of Emerging Technologies Joe Register argued that members of the aftermarket industry should be able to access the same repair data as original equipment manufacturers. Equal access to vehicle repair data can help level the playing field with original equipment manufacturers, according to aftermarket industry representatives.

Posted Mar. 18, 2019 View Article
CBS News Research conducted by the Auto Care Association on consumer knowledge of vehicle data collection and transmission is referenced in this CBS News television segment and article. The statistic referenced in this television segment is that nearly 72 percent of car owners are unaware that their vehicles are collecting data on them.

Posted Nov. 13, 2018 View Article
WTOP-FM One of the largest media outlets in nation’s capital interviewed Auto Care Association’s Senior Vice President, Market Intelligence, Behzad Rassuli, on the topic of telematics and the ability to access the vehicle data being collected on drivers.

Posted Oct. 19, 2018 View Article

CNBC Auto Care Association board member Brad Kraft, President and CEO, Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation, was interviewed by CNBC to discuss the impact of tariffs on his business and how it will possibly impact customers.

Posted Sept. 24, 2018 View Article
Wall Street Journal :The Auto Care Association was mentioned in this Detroit News article as one of the multiple members of the Alliance of Automotive Manufacturers that addressed an open letter to President Trump thanking him for his support of the American auto industry, but expressing disagreement with the administration’s tariffs on imported parts, steel and aluminum.

Posted Jul. 17, 2018 View Article
Miami Herald Auto Care Association member, Kevin Feig, Foreign Parts Distributors, discussed in an interview with the Miami Herald the negative impact his family’s company is seeing due to tariffs on imports. Feig explained that the tariffs would likely affect more than 90 percent of the aftermarket auto parts his company sells.

Posted Sept. 18, 2018 View Article

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