The Product Classification Database (PCdb) is intended to design, populate, and implement a data repository for coded hierarchical terminology describing replacement parts, service items and supplies commonly sold in the aftermarket industry. The design of the database supports terminology for many industry segments including collision repair and supports classification of application-specific as well as generic commodities found in the aftermarket. PCdb codes are central to the exchange of electronic catalog application data and serve to classify and categorize application records. The design of the database allows the hierarchy to be integrated into other standardized industry tools  such as the Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES), Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES), and Internet Parts Ordering (IPO) standard.

Industry use of the PCdb makes it easier for retailers to compile catalogues and consumers to compare parts when information is classified in a consistent manner. The PCdb increases product understanding through more accurate and interpretable placement information and reduces returns by making sure data is classified properly. This consistency helps clarify interpretation gaps for how products should be used and provides a better consumer experience.

The PCdb is accessed through the Vehicle Information Portal (VIP). In VIP, users can query for specific values and download the complete current database.  Data change requests are made through VIP.  


Communifire - contains the latest standards information and provides a forum to connect with other users, ask questions, and provide feedback.

VIPautocarevip.com contains the databases (VCdb, PAdb, PCdb, Qdb and Brand table) used by the ACES & PIES standards.

PCdb rules and policies

data rules

er diagrams

The Association manages technology products under the guidance of the Technology Standards Committee (TSC). The TSC is comprised of volunteer leaders who provide input and guidance to the association and act as an industry sounding board. The TSC sets the direction and approves changes to the standards managed by the association. Keep up-to-date of TSC initiatives and changes to the standards by joining and reviewing communifire. This is our industry platform to discuss the standards, changes, challenges, and direction.

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