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The databases in Auto Care's Vehicle Information Portal (VIP) support the use of the ACES and PIES Data Delivery Specifications. VIP can be accessed at

Auto Care Vehicle Information Portal (VIP) Quick Start Guide

All subscriptions are for 12 months and must be renewed on an annual basis to maintain access to the selected product. Subscriptions include access to monthly updates through our standards release notes. The release notes also communicate information about education and training classes related to using VIP, ACES, PIES and more.

To obtain Auto Care Member rates, companies must be current Auto Care members in good standing. To apply for Auto Care membership, visit the membership page to apply and learn about additional benefits of membership!


For use with the ACES Delivery Standard      aces white background  

VCdb Light Duty & Power Sports Subscription

Annual Company Sales  Member Rate 
 LD & PS data  
 Non-Member Rate
 LD & PS data  
 $0 - $5M  $3,218 $7,021
 $5 - $50M  $4,451 $9,710
 $50M - $1B  $5,135 $11,204
 $1B+  $6,847 $14,939

VCdb Medium & Heavy Duty Subscription 

Annual Company Sales  Member Rate
 MD & HD data 
 Non-Member Rate
 MD & HD data 
 $0 - $5M  $3,500   $4,400
 $5 - $50M  $4,100  $6,200
 $50M - $1B  $4,800  $7,200
 $1B+  $5,700  $8,550


For use with the PIES Delivery Standard        PIES white background

 Annual Company Sales  Member Rate   Non-Member Rate 
 $0 - $5M  $1,100  $2,300
 $5M - $50M  $1,575  $4,500
 $50M - $1B  $3,425  $10,000
 $1B+  $5,500  $15,950

iShop     iShop_white background

iShop Shop Management Server (SMS)

Subscription types (12-month)

      Auto Care Association Member: $5,000

      Non-Auto Care Association Member: $7,500 


  • Licensed use of the iShop Standard to develop and distribute an implementation of an SMS Server and/or SMS Client application internally or to customers
  • Access to the full iShop Software Developers Kit
  • iShop Technical Implementation Guide - includes step by step instructions for implementing the SDK sample test client and server projects
  • iShop Functional Guide - provides detailed definitions for each iShop business entity and its corresponding XML schema definition
  • Periodic documentation updates, version releases and bug fixes
  • Technical support in the deployment and use of iShop SDK resources, including sample project, business Entity definitions, XML schema and WSDL artifacts.

iShop Inspection Server (IS)

Subscription types (12-month)

      Auto Care Association Member: $2,500

      Non-Auto Care Association Member: $4,500


  • Server identification
  • Equipment Sign-in & Sign-off
  • One way exchange of the Diagnostic Results Object – from the test device to a SMS server
  • Implementation support from Auto Care Association


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