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HDDA: Heavy Duty, a community of the Auto Care Association, is the only community that serves the entire heavy duty aftermarket supply chain, from manufacturers, to distributors, retail and repair. As the primary source of information and communications to a growing membership that shares a common interest in the heavy duty market, we enable our members to make better business decisions through market intelligence, events, advocacy, education and more.

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The development of heavy duty product data standards is entering the central phase of the research where manufacturers and data system providers will be interviewed to gather product attribute information on each of the top 20 product categories, relevant systems, and subsystems. More than 50 manufacturers and system providers have volunteered to provide the necessary data to create the standardized platform for parts information communication. Expanding the existing PIES platform that is the current industry standard for the light-duty market, will simplify adoption for companies already integrated into the platform. The calendar for attribute definition discovery is below. Companies participating in a particular category that have not yet signed-up to assist in writing the language of the heavy duty aftermarket may still join the project by volunteering using the form available on this page.


Proposed Start   Estimated Finish   Group
21-May-1 July 31-18 Brakes
15-Jun-18 15-Jul-18 Front  Steer Axle Wheel End Components
15-Jun-18 15-Jul-18 Axles - Front Steering
15-Jun-18 15-Jul-18 Axles - Non-Driven, Rear
15-Jul-18 31-Aug-18 Axles - Driven, Rear
1-Aug-18 31-Aug-18 Charging System
1-Sep-18 30-Sep-18 Ignition System
1-Sep-18 30-Sep-18 Exhaust System
1-Oct-18 31-Oct-18 Axles - Driven, Front Steering
15-Nov-18 15-Dec-18 Lighting System
1-Jan-19 31-Jan-19 Cranking System
1-Jan-19 31-Jan-19 Frame Components
1-Jan-19 28-Feb-19 Suspension
1-Mar-19 31-Mar-19 Cooling System
1-Mar-19 30-Apr-19 Air Intake System
1-Mar-19 31-May-19 Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilating System
1-May-19 30-Jun-19 Supplemental Information Devices
1-Jun-19 30-Jul-19 Fuel System
1-Jul-19 30-Sep-19 Power Plant
1-Oct 31-Oct-19 Modules/Relays - Electrical
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