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wp-logo What does your car know about you? We hacked a Chevy to find out.
Article mentions the current Right to Repair battle in Massachusetts and cites the Auto Care Association as a source on the topic of vehicle data access for independent servicing and repairing of vehicles.
nbc-news Carmakers — and Car Owners — Could Soon Feel the Impact of the Coronavirus
Article discusses the potential impact the Coronavirus will have on the global aftermarket supply chain and cites the Auto Care Association for information on the timeframe in which manufacturers expect to see shortages in supply.
forbes Automakers Hype Hacking Threat to Sink Pro-Repair Measure
Article explores both sides of the Question 1 ballot initiative for the 2020 election in Massachusetts, which seeks to update existing Right to Repair laws to ensure vehicle owners and their service or repair shop of choice can access the data needed for maintenance.
jalopnik Automaker-Funded Groups Are Using Fear Mongering to Take Away Your Right to Repair Your Car
Article discusses the 2020 Right to Repair effort in Massachusetts. Support for Ballot Question 1 would update existing data access laws to protect consumers’ rights to determine where their vehicles are serviced.
the-drive-opengraph-3 Auto Industry Scare Campaign Is Trying to Trick Voters Into Killing a Landmark Right to Repair Law
Article mentions the Auto Care Association’s role in the 2020 Right to Repair battle in Massachusetts on Ballot Question 1. The scare tactics used by those in opposition to supporting Question 1 are explored and debunked in this article.
vice-news-black Auto Industry TV Ads Claim Right to Repair Benefits 'Sexual Predators'
Auto Care Association’s role in the 2020 Right to Repair battle in Massachusetts is mentioned in this article. The article examines the inaccurate claims made in television advertisements in opposition to Ballot Question 1, which seeks to update the previous Right to Repair referendum.