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TGG-Podcast Two Guys Garage Podcast R2R Episode with Ted Hughes
Ted Hughes of the Auto Care Association joins the Two Guys Garage podcast to discuss The Repair Act, legislation introduced in Washington to avert such a development.
axios logo Gas-powered cars won't die off any time soon
This article references data on the expected growth rate of the automotive aftermarket industry provided by the Auto Care Association. Aftermarket industry revenue is expected to grow at least 5% in 2023 after jumping 8.5% in 2022.
wsj Will EVs Dent the Auto Repair Business?
This article references data provided in the 2022 Joint EV Trends and Outlook Forecast, a report commissioned in partnership with the Auto Care Association and AASA. According to the report, EVs have fewer mechanical parts that are prone to failure compared with those powered by internal-combustion engines.
wsj Auto-Parts Growth Story Still Adds Up
Data from the Auto Care Association's Auto Care Factbook report was cited in this Wall Street Journal article discussing the topic of growth in the automotive aftermarket. The article reports that "The Auto Care Association is forecasting that the U.S. automotive aftermarket will grow by 5% in 2023, lower than the breakneck pace seen in 2021 and 2022, but still higher than the annual growth rate seen before 2020."
the-hill Auto industry groups, lawmakers urge Trump administration to avoid tariffs on auto imports
The Auto Care Association was listed in this Hill article as one of the several groups signing a letter addressed to President Trump expressing their concern over the administration’s recently implemented tariffs on imported automobiles, auto parts, steel and aluminum, and how the tariffs will negatively impact the auto care industry
wsj Attack of the Killer Audis
The Auto Care Association’s economic study on potential auto care industry job loss, which was included in comments submitted to the Department of Commerce regarding the Trump administration’s Section 232 national security investigation on imported automobiles and parts, was cited in this Wall Street Journal opinion piece written by the new outlet’s Editorial Board.
nj You need to get your car fixed. Where can you get the most for your money - dealer or repair shop?
The Auto Care Association’s 2019 Auto Care Factbook was cited in this article examining the differences between getting your car services at a car dealership versus an independent repair shop. The article referenced the association’s research on the amount of money Americans spent on repairing and servicing their vehicles in 2017.
bloomberg Trump’s Tariffs Will Make Fixing Your Car More Expensive
The Auto Care Association, along with several of the association’s member companies, were quoted in this Bloomberg article describing the negative impact the Trump administration’s tariffs on imported auto parts, steel and aluminum are having on the auto care industry.
examiner Examining Infrastructure: A panel discussion on regional infrastructure issues and improvements
Auto Care Association President and CEO Bill Hanvey participated in the Washington Examiner’s “Examining Infrastructure” panel discussion, which featured opening remarks from Senator James Inhofe, R-Okla. regarding the composition and prospects for a successful infrastructure bill during the current Congress, including options for funding infrastructure projects.
cbs-news Classic car collectors brace for a Trump auto tariffs crash
The Auto Care Association’s comments filed with the Department of Commerce regarding the Trump administration’s Section 232 national security investigation on imported automobiles and parts were linked to and cited in this CBS News article about the potential negative impact tariffs will have on the auto care industry.