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forbes What The Supreme Court's Internet Sales Tax Ruling Says About The State Of Retail
The Auto Care Association joined the National Retail Federation (NRF) in March in a brief supporting the South Dakota case on internet sales tax collection. The Auto Care Association applauded the Supreme Court’s decision to permit states to collect sales tax on purchases of products made over the internet.
reuters U.S. tariffs may raise cost of insurance, parts, drive up auto thefts
The Auto Care Association submitted comments to the Department of Commerce about an economic study it conducted, which estimated that the cost of car ownership would increase by more than $700 per year per household should the Trump administration’s tariffs on imported auto parts, aluminum and steel be imposed.
miami-herald-web Hialeah-based Company: New Tariffs Putting Our ‘Families at Risk of Financial Ruin’
Auto Care Association member, Kevin Feig, Foreign Parts Distributors, discussed in an interview with the Miami Herald the negative impact his family’s company is seeing due to tariffs on imports. Feig explained that the tariffs would likely affect more than 90 percent of the aftermarket auto parts his company sells.
politico 'It’s a significant shift in our thinking': Business takes fresh look at Democrats
The Auto Care Association’s Aaron Lowe, senior vice president, government affairs, was quoted in this POLITICO article discussing the association’s current assessment on how it will potentially focus its spending on members of committees that oversee trade in the wake of the Trump administration’s imposed tariffs on imported auto parts.
thedetroitnews Pump brakes on tariffs
The Auto Care Association was mentioned in this Detroit News article as one of the multiple members of the Alliance of Automotive Manufacturers that addressed an open letter to President Trump thanking him for his support of the American auto industry, but expressing disagreement with the administration’s tariffs on imported parts, steel and aluminum.
cnbc-web Most Auto Part Retailers Will Be Impacted by Trade Tariffs
Auto Care Association board member Brad Kraft, President and CEO, Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation, was interviewed by CNBC to discuss the impact of tariffs on his business and how it will possibly impact customers.
wtop-web What Your Car Knows About You — And Who It’s Telling
One of the largest media outlets in nation’s capital interviewed Auto Care Association’s Senior Vice President, Market Intelligence, Behzad Rassuli, on the topic of telematics and the ability to access the vehicle data being collected on drivers.
cbs-morning-web Carmakers Are Collecting Data and Cashing in – And Most Drivers Have No Clue
Research conducted by the Auto Care Association on consumer knowledge of vehicle data collection and transmission is referenced in this CBS News television segment and article. The statistic referenced in this television segment is that nearly 72 percent of car owners are unaware that their vehicles are collecting data on them.
transport-topics-web Aftermarket Industry Representatives Ask for Equal Access to Repair Data
Auto Care Association Vice president of Emerging Technologies Joe Register argued that members of the aftermarket industry should be able to access the same repair data as original equipment manufacturers. Equal access to vehicle repair data can help level the playing field with original equipment manufacturers, according to aftermarket industry representatives.
rollcall-logo-web Your Car is Watching You. Who Owns the Data?
Auto Care Association President and CEO Bill Hanvey and Senior Vice President of Regulatory and Government Affairs Aaron Lowe discuss the topic of ownership and control over the data collected by vehicles. The article discusses how the trend towards complete wireless flow of vehicle data to car manufacturers could eliminate the need of a physical data port, which independent repair shops rely on.