Internet Parts Ordering (IPO) is an industry standard for the messages and information flow required to locate, inquire about availability and order products online. IPO uses web service technologies to enable integration between trading partners without the complexity and expense of point-to-point legacy integration.

Latest version

IPO Version 3.0


Please visit Communifire for all the latest standards information including access to previous versions of IPO. Communifire provides forum to connect with other users, ask questions, and provide feedback.

IPO Functional Implementation Guide

IPO Technical Implementation Guide

SMP IPO 2.0 test center

The Association manages technology products under the guidance of the Technology Standards Committee (TSC). The TSC is comprised of volunteer leaders who provide input and guidance to the association and act as an industry sounding board. The TSC sets the direction and approves changes to the standards managed by the association. Keep up-to-date of TSC initiatives and changes to the standards by joining and reviewing communifire. This is our industry platform to discuss the standards, changes, challenges, and direction.

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