Evaristo Garcia

Photo of Evaristo Garcia CEO & Founder, IDF - Integrate Data Facts
IDF (Integrate Data Facts)

Evaristo Garcia is the founder of IDF (Integrate Data Facts), a firm that he started in Michigan with the purpose of researching Mexico and Latin America data for Automotive Aftermarket clients. IDF provides high quality VIO for Mexico and Latin America mapped to ACES. Also VIN decoding and more. This year IDF celebrates its fourteenth anniversary.

Evaristo has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and holds an MAAP (Master Automotive Aftermarket Professional) and ACP certifications from Northwood University. 

IDF’s team and Evaristo personally have been a key part on enhancing and augmenting the Auto Care Association ACES - VCdb for Mexico and Latin America. He has been a speaker at the Auto Care Technology Missions in Latin America. Evaristo and his team work with the Auto Care Association to translate all the ACES and PIES datasets from English into Spanish and Portuguese. 

Last but not least, he lives with his wife and two kids in Rochester Hills, Michigan.