2021 Crash Course: Aftermarket Data Analytics

May 26, 2021
1:00pm–1:45pm Eastern Standard Time


This webinar will show attendees how to answer common business questions with TrendLens™ data.

You already have access to TrendLens™ as an exclusive benefit to your Auto Care membership. Join Mike Chung, Daniel Zenko, Kirsten Zaremba, and Scott Howat to learn how to make TrendLens™ and Arity data work harder for you. Each will share perspective on how different roles can use the tool, including marketing, sales and market research. We’ll also show you how to download VMT and other economic & industry indicator data for your own analytics. 

Presenters from the Auto Care Association will include:

  • Scott Howat, Business Development Executive 
  • Michael Chung PE, Director, Market Intelligence
  • Kirsten Zaremba, Senior Director, Marketing
  • Daniel Zenko, Director, Data Innovation