Breakout Session (Track 3): Clean Data & You: How to Ensure A Great End User Experience

May 22, 2023
3:40 pm–4:25 pm

Clean data is important for everyone involved in the data process - from the vendor channel partner, to the data receiver, to the end user/customer. Ensuring your data follows and conforms to standards will make your end product stand out above the rest. Clean data is always going to be an important aspect of what we do in Information Technology because if we have dirty data, the information displayed will be incorrect and that could lead to a loss in sales/customers. Having inconsistent updated, inconsistent formats in the data presented, and not following outlined standards can make your end product not so user friendly. Nothing is worse than having to do even more research on a product before purchasing it; especially as a B2C customer.

Through this session, the learner should get a better grasp of clean vs dirty data. They should also understand that there are multiple ways to scrub and verify data prior to being sent to a receiver (or their own websites). The learner should also walk away with the tools needed to follow standards and guidelines to ensure they are sending in the correct data in the correct fields, and what those fields entail.