What is the Product Classification database (PCdb)?

The Product Classification database (PCdb) is a fully normalized, relational database, that is used in conjunction with the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES™)Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES®) and Internet Parts Ordering (IPO™). The PCdb is a product classification hierarchy, which standardizes product terminologies in a coded manner. PCdb product terminologies are used to describe any products, both vehicle and non-vehicle specific, that are sold in the aftermarket industry, including, but not limited to, replacement parts, service products and supplies.

The industry use of the Product Classification database (PCdb) promotes increased speed to market for manufacturers and their trading partners who use the ACES®, PIES™ and IPO™ data standards, as it makes it easier for trading partners to compile and display product content for web catalogs, websites and internal systems. Additionally, the PCdb promotes a positive user experience for consumers and allows consumers to compare products in their searches due to the information being classified in a consistent manner.