The Product Attribute database (PAdb) is an auto care industry standard reference database to be used in conjunction with the  Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES). The PAdb standardizes the way product-specific performance and physical attributes are exchanged between trading partners. The PAdb defines exchange of information about the form, fit and function of thousands of automotive products allowing product attribute information to move efficiently and consistently across the industry.

Rich, complete, and accurate product attribute information is an essential component of marketing any product successfully. All customers, professional shop and retail consumers, rely on robust product attributes to make informed decisions and select the most appropriate product for their needs. Performance and physical attributes address the objective differences between two similar products. This information enables customers to make informed and knowledgeable decisions, fully aware of the differences between similar products.

The PAdb is accessed through the Vehicle Information Portal (VIP). In VIP, users can query for specific values and download the complete current database. Data change requests are made through VIP. The PAdb is available to subscribers only. For product information and pricing, please see our technology subscriptions page.

As of the August 2019 publication, the PAdb contains 108,129 attributes across 12,642 Part Terminologies


Communifire - contains the latest standards information including access to previous versions of ACES and PIES.  Communifire provides a forum to connect with other users, ask questions, and provide feedback.

VIP – contains the databases (VCdb, PAdb, PCdb, Qdb and Brand table) used by the ACES & PIES standards.

PAdb Documentation

er diagrams

padb sample code

The Association manages technology products under the guidance of the Technology Standards Committee (TSC). The TSC is comprised of volunteer leaders who provide input and guidance to the association and act as an industry sounding board. The TSC sets the direction and approves changes to the standards managed by the association. Keep up-to-date of TSC initiatives and changes to the standards by joining and reviewing communifire. This is our industry platform to discuss the standards, changes, challenges, and direction.

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