PBES Panel: What Does this Data Do For You?

May 24, 2023
3:30 pm–5:00 pm

It seems today we’re equipped with more industry data and statistics than ever before. But what do all of these numbers mean? And more importantly, what do they mean for the PBE industry? 

Join us for a candid discussion as we bring together the data experts alongside with your peers, representing your industry, to unpack the numbers, break down trends and discuss the impact for the PBE industry.  Hear relevant data points and analysis from those who study them, and then we’ll turn it over to the thought leaders from across the PBE supply chain to provide their perspective and context from their own professional experience. Listen in as they explore not only what’s happening today, but also look to the challenges and opportunities going forward. 

Discussion topics include:  

  • Advancing vehicle technology/ADAS
  • Finding and retaining talent 
  • Collision trends 
  • Purchasing trends
  • Supply chain challenges 
  • Changing dynamics across the business landscape