NBC News Maine: 'Right to Repair' progresses in Maine, but automakers are pushing back

October 25, 2022

Author: David Guildford
Published: 8:14 PM EDT October 20, 2022

AUGUSTA, Maine — Kurt Hamel believes it's becoming harder to do his job.

The district manager of VIP Tires & Service walked to a Lincoln SUV at the company's Scarborough workshop and plugged in a diagnostic computer. Moments later, he pointed to the screen. 

The information he wanted about the temperature of the car's catalytic converter instead read, "Not supported." Without that information, Hamel said he couldn't tell if the part was overheating, thus causing the car's check-engine light to come on. He was operating with blind spots.

"Think about it as you’ve got a map with an X on it, right? There’s a process for you to get to that X," Hamel explained. "So, that’s what you’re getting; you’re getting a map with an X on it and without the information to be able to get to that X."

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