Auto Care Association Delivers Monthly, Weekly Driving Insights with Arity Vehicle Miles Traveled Data

February 9, 2021
By Camille Sheehan

trendlens and arityBETHESDA, Md. – February 9, 2021 – The Auto Care Association, in partnership with Arity, today announced the latest addition of trackable industry data to the TrendLens™ data platform. Traffic volume and total miles driven are a leading driver of market performance. With Arity Vehicle Miles Traveled, the Auto Care Association is now able to provide access to this data eight weeks faster than the United States Department of Transportation (DOT)’s reporting schedule.

trendlens arity screenshotIn addition to the DOT’s monthly VMT data, Auto Care Association members now have access to Arity Vehicle Miles Traveled data collected from more than 23 million active consumer connections by Arity—exclusively through the TrendLens™ platform. With access to Arity’s Vehicle Miles Traveled, TrendLens™ users can now quickly gauge prior month and prior week miles traveled data not only weeks sooner but more frequently than DOT data. Beginning Feb. 15, 2021, Arity Vehicle Miles Traveled will be accessible on a weekly basis to all Auto Care Association members at no charge during the “Market View” 60-day trial period.   

The Auto Care Association’s interactive TrendLens™ data platform equips members with the tools, information and clarity needed to make confident business decisions in today’s dynamic economy. With access to more than 40 crucial economic and industry data categories, including Arity Vehicle Miles Traveled, TrendLens™ makes identifying the changes in driving behavior easier, faster and more reliable than ever.
“Leaving the uncertainty of 2020 behind just got easier for our members,” said Mike Chung, director, market intelligence, Auto Care Association. “With faster and more reliable access to vehicle miles traveled data through TrendLens™, our members can head into 2021 with more confidence in the business decisions they make for their future.”

To learn more about the TrendLens™ data platform and access the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) data visit

Arity is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation. Mileage is calculated based on anonymized and aggregated data collected from 23 million active connections from multiple third-party sources, including consumer apps, insurance telematics mobile and device programs.