Market Insights with Mike: COVID-19 Disrupting Supply Chains for Half of Auto Care Industry Companies, Legal Considerations for Operations

May 29, 2020
By Camille Sheehan

BETHESDA, Md. – May 29, 2020 – Since the onset of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, one question hanging over the industry and the economy has been, “Where is the bottom?” Over the past few weeks, it appears that the lowest level of vehicle activity is behind us and that vehicle travel has steadily crept back up.

As we start to see indicators trend upward again, it’s time to start planning for the “new normal” of the next several months and the future ahead. This edition of Market Insights with Mike presents updated results on the Auto Care Association’s survey with the aftermarket regarding COVID-19 impact and outlook, followed by legal considerations for the industry. Auto care industry members are encouraged to continue taking our survey on a monthly basis so that the association’s market intelligence team can continue to monitor and respond to the impact. 

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