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November 28, 2022

Leveraging the PIES Interchange Segment

by Jonathan Larsen, Vice President, Standards & Digital Products

When a thud on the counter and the statement of, “I need a new one of these,” is asserted at the parts counter, your first thought is, “what is it?” After clearing layers of dirt, you realize that you have now found a stamped number embedded in the part. You then ask yourself, “where did this come from?” Armed only with the part number, you begin your interchange search. Where do you go? How will you find out what this product is to replace the one in pieces on your counter?

What is the PIES Interchange Segment?

Typically, you can just do a quick internet search, but where did that connection of parts come from? This is where the PIES Interchange Segment can help the manufacturer provide its part numbers connected to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part numbers and other aftermarket part numbers that are similar.

Most interchanges are one-to-one, meaning that connections are the manufacturer’s part number to an OEM number. It could also indicate a manufacturer’s part number to another aftermarket manufacturer’s part number.

PIES Brand Table for Interchange Use

Use the PIES Brand Table codes to improve your interchange. This table allows users to have a standard list of OEM companies which helps communicate a common language across the industry. The Brand Table file can be downloaded from autocarevip.com.

Can’t locate an OEM or aftermarket company within the Brand Table?

You can contact our technical support via email technology@autocare.org.


The Brand Table is updated every time a change is made in the autocarevip.com system to improve the data.

How to link your products to an OEM part number for a direct relationship (part numbers and brand code in the example are only “s”o):

  • Your part number is “ABC-10” (this will be stated as one of your items in your PIES file with the below OEM interchange in the interchange section).

  • The OEM Part Number is “DEF-X10”.

<PartInterchange MaintenanceType="A" BrandAAIAID="CCCC" ItemEquivalentUOM = "EA">



PIES Technical Documentation

If the above XML code makes sense, that’s great! However, if you are scratching your head asking, “what does all that mean?” I would recommend reviewing the PIES Technical Documentation about interchange content. You can find it here. The PIES Technical Documentation goes into each element of content that is being sent. Appendix E of the PIES Technical Documentation for PIES 7.2 shows you multiple examples of interchanges you can send using the Interchange Segment.

If you have questions about the PIES Interchange Segment, email us at technology@autocare.org.


Jonathan Larsen, Vice President, Standards & Digital Products

I help reduce cost out of the overall supply chain by improving the quality of standards data we provide to the industry and develop new processes that help get data to our members faster. More About Me


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