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April 12, 2022

2021 Women in Auto Care Woman of Excellence

Photo of Anne Coffin

Title: Director of Information Technology, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Inc
Years in the industry: 35
Favorite Apps: ’m an Android fan, and Google and all its apps seem to be my constant companions. 
Words to live by/motto: “It’s okay to be afraid – do it anyway. Persistence is the key to everything. Keep at it.”

Anne Coffin’s journey into the aftermarket was a winding path. After studying English and political science at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., Coffin said, “There were few jobs for English majors, so I started my own hometown newspaper, which was successful. Through that, I became involved with computer systems as an early adopter, which led me to a career in information technology.”

Coffin started doing system implementations across the country for many different industries, but after moving to the Detroit area, she began doing them for all types of automotive companies, which led her to be focused solely on the automotive industry.

A member of the Auto Care Association since 2006, she most appreciates the ability to learn from others who are experienced in the industry; and to network with others who face the same challenges.

Coffin is a supporter of ACPAC and a member of ACPN and, of course, Women in Auto Care, where she is actively involved in the scholarship program.

“The amazing women who apply for these scholarships are committed to making it in a field that was previously off limits to them because of their gender,” said Coffin. “My responsibility to them is to review every candidate thoughtfully, to help them make a life in an industry that needs them, whether they are aspiring mechanics, service writers, collision specialists or engineers. It is also important to positively promote women in all fields that aren’t typically thought of as automotive – like marketing, accounting, and yes, information technology.”

We should communicate that there is room for everyone in every level and profession in this industry,” Coffin said. “I certainly support more diversity in our workforce in every area.

Anne Coffin
Coffin thinks one of the biggest challenges is the need for the next generation of professionals to begin to take leadership roles in businesses, as many current leaders are retiring or selling businesses.

“We should communicate that there is room for everyone in every level and profession in this industry,” Coffin said. “I certainly support more diversity in our workforce in every area.”

If not in the aftermarket, Coffin would like to think she’d be a writer.

“Throughout my life, I have loved writing fiction, non-fiction, and poetry,” she said.

In her spare time, Coffin (who likes variety) quilts handmade quilts, rides motorcycles, loves the outdoors, adventure, travel, reading, writing, painting and her two-year-old Labrador, Ruby, and is currently learning to play guitar.

“I also love spending time with my best friend and husband of 32 years, Max Dull,” she said. “He’s also in the industry, so we always have a lot to talk about!” 




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