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May 9, 2023

Auto Care Association State Government Affairs Update: May 8, 2023

by Tod Moore, Manager, Advocacy and Grassroots

what's moving:

• Minnesota SF 2219, is an omnibus commerce bill. On April 27th, it was amended to include digital right to repair language. A larger bill, SF 2744 includes similar language and both bills are now in a two-house conference committee. The R2R language begins on line 30.10 of SF 2219. 
• Vermont HB 81, a farm equipment right to repair bill passed out of the Agriculture Committee and is pending on the House floor. The Legislature is due to adjourn on May 10th, so it remains to be seen if there is time to act on the bill prior to that date. 
• California AB 727 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee on May 3rd on a 12 – 4 vote. The bill would prevent the sales of cleaning products, including those for automobiles containing PFAS chemicals from being sold in the state after January 1, 2025. A committee staff analysis of the bill is here. 

State News this Week

Thirty-five state legislatures are presently in session. 

Iowa, Indiana, Montana and Tennessee have now passed comprehensive data privacy laws amid growing consumer concern over how data is collected and as federal legislation continues to founder. Next in line may be lawmakers in New Hampshire, Oregon and Texas, while a pair of bills is also advancing in Florida.

New York lawmakers passed their 2023 budget more than a month after it was due by state law. A description of the final deal (albeit as described by Governor Hochul’s press office) can be found here.

Legislation We're Tracking



Bill Number




SB 244

Right to Repair Act

Placed on the Assembly Appropriations Committee's Suspense File


AB 473

This bill would prohibit additional acts, including allocating vehicles, parts, accessories, and other items inconsistent with specified standards. The bill would also require the board to make a franchisor’s vehicle allocation schedule available for inspection by any franchisee.

Reported favorably by the Assembly Committee on Transportation with amendments


HB 23-1118

Fair Workweek Employment Standards

Has been postponed indefinitely in the Business Affairs and Labor Committee


HB 23-1011

Consumer Right to Repair Agricultural Equipment

Signed by Governor Polis


HB 53

Right-to-repair; Digital Electronic Equipment; Repairs; Original Equipment Manufacturers

Committee recommends the bill is deferred


HB 1287

Relating to the Right to Repair

Was referred to the House Consumer Protection and Commerce and the Finance Committees


HB 920

Consumer Protection - Motor Vehicle Glass Repair or Replacement - Advanced Driver Assistance System Recalibration

Has been sent to the Governor's office.


S 142

An Act Relative to Digital Right to Repair

Referred to the Senate Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure.


HB 698

Changes the laws regarding consumer products so that certain individuals and businesses have a right to repair information from certain manufacturers

Heard in the House Committee on Rural Development with no action taken.


HB 532

Modifies provisions relating to keeping records for the sale of certain materials

Is pending on the House floor.


HB 555

Establishes the offense of unlawful possession of a detached catalytic converter

Bill has been postponed


LB 782

Change provisions relating to salvage branded certificates of title and consumer care of motor vehicles

Amended in the Transportation and Communications Committee

New Jersey

A 3612

Concerns Right to Repair Farm Equipment and Lawn Mowers

Referred to the Assembly Agriculture and Food Security Committee.

New York

A 210

In the repair of a collision damaged motor vehicle, no motor vehicle repair shop or insurer shall deviate from the collision repair guidelines, procedures, recommendations and service bulletins...

Referred to the Insurance Committee

New York

A 2263

Requires motor vehicle repair shops to disclose certain information to customers

Referred to the Assembly Transportation Committee


SB 542

Relating to a right to repair consumer electronic equipment; prescribing an effective date.

Was re-referred to the Senate Rules Committee

Rhode Island

HB 5731

An Act Relating To Insurance -- Motor Vehicle Replacement Parts (Defines A Used Part And Creates Standards For Use Of Used Parts In Damaged Motor Vehicles, For Motor Vehicle Replacement Parts

Recommended by the Committee to be held for further consideration

Rhode Island

HB 5841

An Act Relating To Commercial Law -- General Regulatory Provisions -- Purchase And Sale Of Precious Metals

Recommended by the Committee to be held for further consideration


SB 1083

Relating to insurer restrictions and duties regarding repair of a

motor vehicle covered under an insurance policy

Has passed the Senate and is pending in the House Insurance Committee.


HB 3476

Relating to insurer restrictions and duties regarding repair of a

motor vehicle covered under an insurance policy.

Referred to the House Insurance Committee.


SB 48

An act relating to the Vermont Fair Repair Act

Passed the House and pending on the SenateFloor


Statehouse Automobile Reports

Demand for EV’s is growing so rapidly that some states are pausing their own incentive programs for lack of funds. New Jersey has now joined Oregon in suspending their rebate program, at least temporarily. The New Jersey program provides up to buyers of electric vehicles up to $4,000 when they buy or lease a new vehicle.

Wisconsin’s Assembly passed legislation barring the state and local governments from banning the use of fossil fuels for automobiles and power tools. However, the bill passed along party lines with Democrats opposed. That likely indicates a veto ahead by Governor Tony Evers (D).

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed HB 221, giving the state Insurance Commissioner’s office the authority to review all automobile insurance ratings before they go into effect. 

For questions, email govaffairs@autocare.org.



Your Association's government affairs staff works 24/7/365 on your behalf to fight policies and regulations that may be harmful to your business. Here you'll find the latest updates on their issue-related work including testimonies, hearings, meetings, comments and actions.

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