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February 24, 2023

Auto Care State Government Affairs Update: Feb. 23, 2023

by Tod Moore, Manager, Advocacy and Grassroots

What's Moving

  • Maryland HB 1193, motor vehicles right to repair bill - A hearing is scheduled in the House Committee on Economic Matters on 3/8.
  • Maryland HB 712, right to repair bill aimed at farming equipment - A hearing was originally scheduled for this week but was cancelled.
  • Colorado HB 23-1118, setting employer requirements on employee work schedules – The bill was heard and passed the House with amendments. The bill sponsor said they were having issues with the bill currently, and did not want to amend to encompass all vehicles until it passes.
  • Montana SB 347, farm equipment right to repair - The bill was heard this week and no votes were taken, so the Senate Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Committee will reconsider at a later date.
  • Florida HB 185, which prohibits a person who is not registered as a secondary metals recycler from purchasing a detached catalytic converter - The bill was referred this week to the Justice Appropriations Subcommittee in the Judiciary Committee.
  • Utah HB 313, increases the penalty for specific metal thefts - The bill has passed the House and was reported favorably out of the Senate Business and Labor Committee.
  • Tennessee HB 484, increases the penalty for possession of a used, detached catalytic converter from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class E felony - The bill was passed out of the House Criminal Justice Committee with a recommendation to pass and will now go to the House Finance and Ways and Means Committees.
  • Virginia SB 1135, would make it a Class 6 felony to sell or purchase a catalytic converter from a motor vehicle exhaust system unless the sale or purchase is made by a scrap metal purchaser - The bill is being sent to the Governor's office to be enacted into law.
  • Minnesota HF 30, would establish new penalties for catalytic converter theft and creates provisions for purchase requirements - The bill has passed the House and is now in the Senate Rules and Administration Committee.

State News This Week

All state legislatures are now in regular session except for Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.

Bills in Montana must leave their house of origin by the end of this week, otherwise they are considered dead in Committee.

Last Friday was the deadline for Washington lawmakers to pass legislation in executive session from their committee of origin. Policy bills that did not have fiscal impacts that also did not make it out of their committees are now considered dead. The next deadline is March 8 for bills to pass their House of origin. 

This is the final week before the Virginia legislature adjourns on Saturday. Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) said he would consider calling lawmakers back into special session if a compromise on the budget is not found before the end of the week. Lawmakers must close a $1 billion gap between the House and State budget proposals.

Legislation We're Tracking

We are currently tracking 111 pieces of state legislation. Here are the bills we are watching closely:



Bill Number




HB 712

Consumer Protection - Right to Repair - Farm Equipment

Hearing originally set for 2/22 has been cancelled.


HB 1193

Consumer Protection - Motor Vehicles - Right to Repair

Hearing scheduled for March 8 in the House Economic Matters Committee


HB 920

Consumer Protection - Motor Vehicle Glass Repair or Replacement - Advanced Driver Assistance System Recalibration

Hearing scheduled for March 1 in the House Economic Matters Committee


SB 60

Secondary Metals Recyclers; it shall be illegal for certain persons to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell or attempt to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell

Was passed by the Senate and is pending assignment to a House Committee


SB 70

Secondary Metals Recyclers; it shall be illegal for certain persons to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell or attempt to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell; provide

Has been read by the Senate for the first time


SB 244

Right to Repair Act

Referred to the Judiciary Committee


AB 473

This bill would prohibit additional acts, including allocating vehicles, parts, accessories, and other items inconsistent with specified standards. The bill would also require the board to make a franchisor’s vehicle allocation schedule available for inspection by any franchisee.

Has been referred to the Assembly Committees on Judiciary and on Transportation, tentative hearing scheduled for 3/9.


HB 23-1118

Fair Workweek Employment Standards

Referred to the Business Affairs and Labor Committee, had second reading with no amendments added


HB 23-1011

Consumer Right to Repair Agricultural Equipment

Passed the House with amendments


HB 53

Right-to-repair; Digital Electronic Equipment; Repairs; Original Equipment Manufacturers

Committee recommends the bill is deferred


HB 1287

Relating to the Right to Repair

Was referred to the House Consumer Protection and Commerce and the Finance Committees


HD 557

An Act Relative To Disclosure Notice In The Right To Repair Motor Vehicle Data Law



HD 2473

An Act Establishing The Fair Calculation Of Labor Rates Paid By Insurance Companies To Auto Repairers In The Commonwealth.



HD 2473

An Act Establishing The Fair Calculation Of Labor Rates Paid By Insurance Companies To Auto Repairers In The Commonwealth



HB 698

Changes the laws regarding consumer products so that certain individuals and businesses have a right to repair information from certain manufacturers

Read for the second time


HB 532

Modifies provisions relating to keeping records for the sale of certain materials

Referred to the House Emerging Issues Committee


HB 555

Establishes the offense of unlawful possession of a detached catalytic converter

Referred to the House Emerging Issues Committee


SB 92

Establishes the Missouri Rural Workforce Development Act

Reported out of the Senate Economic Development and Tax Policy Committee and placed on the Senate calendar


SB 347

Revise right to repair laws relating to agriculture

The bill's hearing was cancelled


LB 782

Change provisions relating to salvage branded certificates of title and consumer care of motor vehicles

Hearing held on 1/31, no action

New Mexico

SB 50

Right to Repair Act

Reported with a "Do Pass" recommendation out of the Tax, Business, and Transportation Committee

New Jersey

A 3612

Concerns Right to Repair Farm Equipment and Lawn Mowers

Referred to the Assembly Agriculture and Food Security Committee

New York

A 210

In the repair of a collision damaged motor vehicle, no motor vehicle repair shop or insurer shall deviate from the collision repair guidelines, procedures, recommendations and service bulletins...

Referred to the Insurance Committee

New York

A 2263

Requires motor vehicle repair shops to disclose certain information to customers

Referred to the Transportation Committee


SB 542

Relating to a right to repair consumer electronic equipment; prescribing an effective date.

Hearing held on 2/14, no action taken


S 46

An act relating to the Vermont Fair Repair Act

Referred to the Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs


HB 1527

Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Defines "disablement technology."

Referred to the Rules Committee

West Virginia

HB 3384

Agricultural Right to Repair Act

Referred to the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee

Statehouse Reports

Maine will be allowing voters to decide the fate of right to repair after independent auto repair shops have gathered enough signatures to qualify for a ballot measure. The proposal generated over 74,000 signatures from voters in the state.

The South Carolina Senate Finance Committee approved a bill that would charge new drivers a $500 fee for a new drivers license and vehicle registration. The bill will now be put to a vote on the Senate floor, despite opposition from some Senators who believe it is redundant to other taxes.

New Hampshire may now be requiring adults to use seatbelts under a new bipartisan proposal. Legislation would now make not using a seatbelt a secondary offense, and allow police to pull residents over if they are not wearing their seat belt.

This week, the European Parliament approved a law that would ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the EU starting in 2035 in efforts to facilitate the switch to electric vehicles. The law also would mandate a 55% reduction in carbon emissions for cars sold by 2030.

Questions about state legislation? Email tod.moore@autocare.org



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