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As a certified professional behavioral analyst, Shari Pheasant understands that your employee happiness is the strongest profit driver in your business. Blending human psychology and a scientific, research based, globally validated method, Shari incorporates an innovative approach to deduce which strategy is going to best support your company’s growth. Through actionable workshops, she helps to instill a few simple fixes to untangle complex problems, and completely shift the conversation from a defensive battle, to a collaborative effort, which leads to radical company-wide improvement and customer experience.

Known for ground breaking transformational results, Shari works with high performing businesses, corporate divisional groups, c-suite teams, and entrepreneurs using scientific, research based, globally validated methods to create cultures that support diversity, differences, and unique talents as strengths. She shows leaders how to protect a culture that thrives.

Shari’s foundational WHY training is based on understanding why they do things, how they do things, how best to motivate, manage and provide the ideal environment to their employees. She is an expert facilitator of group dialogue for stakeholders who come together to navigate complexity and learn to make progress on what matters most.

Shari’s early career began in restaurants and retail. In her first role, she was a part of the team that developed delivery for Godfathers Pizza in Colorado. In 1982, Shari was an integral part of the Petrie team with target stores influencing national decisions. She then moved into corporate leadership roles and eventually became an entrepreneur running and operating several businesses while advising others. On this journey it became apparent to Shari that people were at the center of why businesses did not succeed at meeting KPI’s, timely project management, and ultimately profits.

In an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile world, effective leadership is a competitive advantage. Over 30 years of organizational experience gained across a range of general management, business development, consulting, and organizational development roles gives Shari an advantage when working with leaders at a higher level of consciousness. Connecting leaders and their teams to the company vision and mission where they can align their own values and purpose from within bring higher ROI is a piece of Shari’s secret sauce.

True, authentic, vulnerable leadership begins with the awareness of self. This applies to both the individual leader as well as a leadership team. As a talent development and advancement strategist Shari facilitates leadership transformation through People-First mastery based best practices and sustainable strategies.

Today Shari has been consulting high performing teams at major companies, national organizations and leadership teams for over 20 years. Shari has worked in technology, medical, retail, manufacturing, financial services, service-based trades, and non-profit environments, primarily with top leaders, owners and senior executive c suite team members.

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