Sam Russo

Sam Russo Headshot Practice Director, Automotive & Heavy-Duty

With almost 18 years immersed in the automotive realm, Sam Russo's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. She kicked things off with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, followed by a few years in field marketing at race events, and shifted gears flat out into data by earning a Masters in IT. Eight of those years were dedicated to fine-tuning product data, making me a true maestro in the orchestration of automotive tech solutions. She has worked for two major retailers, a manufacturer, and a third-party global data solution for major motor oil. This diverse experience has been pivotal in shaping her versatile skill set. Adding to this dynamic mix, her husband's ownership of an automotive speed shop has further fueled her passion for this industry. She truly lives and breathes this industry both in her career and personal life.

This unique journey provides her with an end-to-end perspective, allowing her to contribute to future innovation as this industry continues to evolve. She actively advocate for the industry and currently serve as a committee member on the Auto Care Association's Technology Standards Committee. Her vision is for suppliers, retailers, shops, and end users to have precisely what they need and where they need it, steering the industry toward a future where innovation is not just a buzzword but a tangible reality.

By day, you will find her in the fast lane, skillfully steering data and technology to reshape the future of the auto care industry. She is leading the torch at Pivotree as their Practice Director for Automotive & Heavy Duty. In this role, she owns the entire vision and direction for the practice, dedicated to all the Automotive and Heavy Duty customers in my charge. Off-duty, she proudly wears the hats of a mom to an adventurous 7-year-old girl and a supportive partner at my husband's performance shop. However, her heart truly finds its rhythm in the kitchen, where she unleashes her creativity through new culinary concoctions. Cooking, for her, is not just a passion; it's an artistic escape.


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