Mike Mohler, MAAP

Photo of Mike Mohler Executive Vice President and Chief Purchasing Officer
The Automotive Parts Services Group, LLC

iMke Mohler is Executive Vice President and Chief Purchasing Officer, at The Automotive Parts Services Group, LLC., which is a collaboration between the Pronto Network Association and Federated Auto Parts Distributors. Comprised of 300 Warehouse Distributor Members, throughout The Americas, APSG’s annual sales exceed $8.0 Billion (USD). Prior to his current position, Mohler served as Executive Vice President, Vendor Relations, and Product Strategy.

In his new position, Mohler is responsible for the overall management of The Group’s vendor relationships and overall product / brand strategy. Mohler is also actively involved in many other corporate activities, including marketing, training, data-warehousing and strategic planning.

Believing that volunteer leadership is an essential ingredient to the collective success of the Automotive Aftermarket, Mr. Mohler has served the industry as past Chair of the Autocare Association’s Education Committee and Co-chair of the Autocare Industry’s Task Force for Career Awareness. Currently, Mr. Mohler serves as a Board Member of the California Automotive Wholesaler’s Association (C.A.W.A.), serving California, Nevada, and Arizona. In addition to his Board duties, Mr. Mohler served as Vice Chairman of CAWA’s Membership and Education Committee and as a Scholarship Reviewer as part of CAWA’s Automotive Education Memorial Fund Scholarship Program. In 2018, Mohler was appointed to CAWA’s Executive Board, where he served as Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Chairman. In February of 2021, Mohler was installed as Chairman of The Association’s Board of Directors.

Nationally, Mr. Mohler previously served the Autocare Industry, as a member of the Autocare Association’s Marketing and Communications Committee where, in addition to his committee duties, Mohler served as “PAC” Leader, in driving financial support for the industry’s Political Action Committee. At the same time, Mohler accepted a position on the Autocare Association’s ACPAC committee, where he continues his involvement in helping to keep our industry relevant through consumer awareness and legislative interaction.

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